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Smut Peddlers f Kool Keith

  • Back From the Pad

    Kool Keith...the original Adam West New York That`s right Back from the pad (the finest tuned rapping machine) Back from the pad James Brown I`m not Trying to be Sly Stone on the microphone Xerox you`re just a clone Setup your tone, kids come take you...

Streetlife f Carlton Fisk, Inspectah Dec

  • A Star is Born

    [Intro: Streetlife] Do this, do this damn thing, yo Ohhhh, yeah, I waited a long time for this Word, cock back that shit, yeah, greatness Ohhhh, come on, come on, come on, come on Come on, come on, come on, come on [Streetlife] This is rap bizarre, an...

Bob Marley f MC Lyte

  • Jammin`

    [Bob Marley] (MC Lyte) We jammin` (Bob Marley, Bob Marley) I wanna jam it with you We jammin` (Bob Marley, Bob Marley) I hope you like jammin` too [Bob Marley] In rows or around, we can jam it anyhow Eyeing, I will see you through Everyday we pay the ...

Kardinall Offishall

  • Breakdown (Keep Moving) (featuring Denos

    [Kardinal Offishall] I just started, just finished Lyrics complete the circle of a rap singer Combine with feeling mean and plus a reason And to rock it for the season And niggas on the lookout Take away your strips of General sta...

Badly Drawn Boy

  • 40 Days & 40 Fights

    You look a lot, lot better tonight
    You and I should go out for a fight
    We need a holiday
    But not today, another day

    You need eyes in the front of your head
    And a spine with a built in bed
    I don`t want a...


  • Don`t Even Try

    Why do you call when i`m not feelin` you (baby),
    Why can`t you leave boy, just walk away
    Where do you go i dont understand ohhhhaaaa

    What sort of things they be tellin` you,
    I`ve got to stop them from compelling yo...

Big Kap Funkmaster Flex f Fatman Scoop

  • Def Jam 2000

    [Fat Man Scoop] Come on, uh Come on, uh Yeah, yeah, yeah, hit it Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Where the ladies at? (what) Where the cash at? (what) Where the niggas at? (what) Where the money at? (what) Getcha middle finger up Getcha middle finger up Getcha ...

Rhino Bucket

  • Bar Time

    Early Friday morning Got a gin soaked throat Caught a cab, left my brand new friend behind Got no early warning I got to go on alone Left a note, but forgot to write goodbye Losing control now Bu...

Sintax.The.Terrific f Justme

  • Shirt Sleeve

    {*scratched: My love is audio*} [Verse 1] I love the half moon; it gives me something to look forward to It teaches me to wait upon the Lord before I move And I love the butterfly `cause he used to walk the earth Gives me hope that one day I can sprea...

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