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  • On My Own

    Stayed awake all night tossin`, turnin`
    Now my bloodshot eyes are burnin`
    Working out why this ain`t workin`
    Fight after Fight after Fight
    And now it`s killing me

    You were too busy to believe in
    All th...

Isengard (Sweden)

  • Atomic Winter

    There is no time tomorrow
    Now the end is near
    You can hear them cry and the winds of fear

    The morning light is sorrow
    Filled with death and pain
    You can see the clouds of acid rain

    Everyboby figh...


  • A Charm For Sound Sleeping

    My loveless eyes, they gaze on thee They break the crystal of the sea That smile for which my feelings sigh This pain could teach us how to die Your heart once left thus desolate Must fly at least for ease to hate So many summer ...


  • An Apology

    An apology
    You heard it all from me
    Complacent and
    There`s nothing wrong
    I`m walking `round without a second thought
    I really mean it

    This time I hear
    I hear you call and contemp...

Seixas Raul

  • A Ma

    (R. Seixas - P. Coelho - M. Mota, 1975) Se este amor Ficar entre ns dois Vai ser to pobre amor Vai se gastar Se eu te amo e tu me amas Um amor a dois profana O amor de todos os mortais Porque quem gosta de ma Ir gostar de todas Po...

Big Punisher f Cuban Link

  • We Don`t Care

    [Cuban Link] Yeah, the foundation, L.G.P. Latins Goin Platinum baby! Yeah yeah, yeah.. Uhh, year 2000 Terror Squadians (Terror Squad) We rock the party and (you won`t like me when I`m angry) (I guarantee you, you won`t like me when I`m angry) Yeah, yea...

Bad Azz f Snoop Dogg

  • Personal Business

    * send corrections to the typist [Snoop Dogg] Ay yo Hollis Give us some of that G Shit Yeah, now come on [Bad Azz] Oh shit, come on Get at me, come on Get your ass on up, come on [Snoop Dogg] Ey, B-A-D this D-O-G, you got some Chronic smoke I`m at t...

Big Ed f C-Murder, Mia X, Mr. Serv-On, S

  • The Assassin

    [Mia X] See niggas be screamin TRU like it`s the new thing to do. But TRU is the way of life nigga. This ain`t no motherfucking fad. Mama Mia, Big Ed, Master P, C-Murder, mister Silkk The Shocker. First family, Mr.

magnetic fields

  • a chicken with its head cut off

    A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off T H E M A G N E T I C F I E L D S Tabbed By Aaron Bridgeman ( Great weird song.

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