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A f Canibus, Mr. Cheeks

  • Boyz 2 Men

    [Mr. Cheeks] Basically, LB Fam to the motherfuckin death Park side, Queen`s niggaz represent Long Isle, how we do? They new our style Represent niggaz in and out the P now Yo, I could do this mother shit for a while I don`t give a fuck, my rap style be...

fender tommy

  • no drugs

    hi everyone, I`m the singer of the band, I hope you enjoy my song!!!! it`s a fast punk-song, like those by the Sexpistols! play it in powerchords! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro: F G F G D Bb D Bb F G ...

Raekwon f Ghostface Killah, Polite

  • Missing Watch

    [Intro: Raekwon (Polite)] Oh shit! Fuck is my watch at? Shit... what the fuck? Nah man, nah man, hell nah These bitches is frontin The fuck the shit go? Them drug gangstas.


  • Brothers McBane

    [Chester P intro] Yo, Brothers McBane, New Mic Order containers Y`unnerstan, founded 1995, Bury Crew, MUD Fam, Taskforce forever [Chorus, Farma Giles] Gale force hand glider Lightning bungee jumps Thunderstorm messiah Hailstone toboggan run Rainfall m...

Александр Мокрицев

Akinyele f Kool G. Rap

  • Break a Bitch

    [Intro] A: Akinyele, you know I break a bitch neck! K: Kool G. Rap, you know I break a bitch neck! A: Yeah break a bitch neck! K: Break a bitch neck! A: Break her neck, aiyo G catch the fucking wreck, set it! [Verse 1: Kool G.

fendrich rainhard

  • deine mutter | guitar pro tab и Mp3

    From: Kaempf Michael Subject: Song: Deine Mutter - Rainhard Fendrich Date: Mon, 04 Dec 95 14:56:00 MEZ {t:Deine Mutter} {st:Rainhard Fendrich} {define: A4/7 base-fret 1 frets 0 0 2 0 3 0} {define: Hm base-fret 1 frets 2 ...

jansch bert

  • anji

    Artist: Bert Jansch Song: Anji Tabbed by Adam Tick Standard Tuning Capo 3rd Fret 1|-------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------| 2|--------0H1--0-----------|--0H1---0---------------...

Task Force f Braintax, Jehst

  • Cosmic Gypsies

    [Chester P] I`m the spacemen type, chewing meteoric porridge The asteroid arsenal`s beefing up my courage The Lunar Base burglar, sun spots burn you up I`ll be shooting stars at Mars, the planet murderer My spaceship`s flying, a red dwarf alliance Dryi...

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