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Андрей Мельгунов

  • Айда на улицу

    Андрей Мельгунов

    О, люд Российский, ты, как будто, лишний

    В этом мире.

E-40 f Mack 10, W.C.

  • My Hoodlums and My Thugz

    Intro: E-40 I pledge allegiance to the ghetto, uh I pledge allegiance to the game, uh I pledge allegiance to the money and the cars and the pussy and the bitches and the fame, uh *repeat* (BEEYATCH!!!!) Chorus: To all my, to all my hoodlums and my ...

Rose Cartel *

  • Hah!

    * released in `96 as Rose Family, on Rawkus Records Hah! is chanted in the background all throughout song [St.

Глеб Агафонов

  • А люблю я свои горы...

    Глеб Агафонов

    А люблю я свои горы

    За непройденность пути,

    За маршруты, те, с которых

    Нам порой нельзя сойти.

    За дыхание свободы,

    Осязаемость мечты......

Jade Anderson

  • Sugar High

    Once I loved someone so deep It hurt to leave his side He was wonderful, loveable, He was truly just so beautiful I feel so blessed he came my way Sugar sweet, my sugar high Sweetest taste I`ll ever try Your love is what I...

Владимир Муромцев

  • Анимация

    Владимир Муромцев

    Однажды, проснувшись, увидел Андрей:

    Он вниз головою стоит на Луне,

    А радом соседка плывет в облаках

    С подзорной трубою и саблей в руках.

Loon f Aaron Hall

  • Things You Do

    [Intro - Aaron Hall - singing] Girl, hey baby, girl (I like), girl, hey (I like), oh I like ya baby (I like) oh, hey baby (I like), girl [Verse 1 - Loon] Check it out Yo there`s a reason I like you And there`s a reason I wifed you Cause I never seen n...

Erick Sermon f Keith Murray

  • Hostile

    [Sermon doing a high-pitched voice] Erick Sermon is coming up... I see him! I see him! [Erick Sermon] Word up You`re quite hostile...


  • back of my hand

    >From: zeroy@netcom.com (Roy M. Randall) >Subject: CRD: Back of My Hand - The Jags BACK OF MY HAND (I`VE GOT YOUR NUMBER) (Watkinson/Rider) recorded by The Jags, 1979 |:E | A B:| E A B You only call me if you`...

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