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Smooth B

  • Mirror Mirror

    Woke up out of bed this mornin at 5, face the light Downstairs in the kitchen, `erb tea, made a pot Now I`m sippin, enjoyin the best peppermint when I heard a sound from the back like Devin Is it peeps in my crib? Yo I spit No fear, I kick em on up out...

Вадим Егоров

  • Бабье лето

    Припорошен первой проседью снова я иду по осени Надо мной небесной просини синь-бирюза. От палитры той радужной набегают, ну, надо же, Слезы на глаза, слезы на глаза...

Дмитрий Дугинов

Fat Joe

  • All I Need

    (feat. Armageddon, Tony Sunshine)

    [Talking: Fat Joe]
    Cool & Dre
    Who you gonna trust?
    Yea, you could trust me, haha

    [Tony Sunshine]
    La la la la la

    [Chorus: Tony Sunsh...

Las Ketchup

  • Aserej

    Mira lo que seavecina a la vuelta de la esquina viene Diego rumbeando. Con la luna en las pupilas y su traje agua marina parece de contrabando. Y donde mas no cabe un alma alli se mete a darse caсa poseido por el ritmo ragatanga.


  • Champagne Thoughts *

    * curses are blanked on the song Uh, uh What D.I.T.C What Shh Creeps, straight up Straight up Y`all, laying in the cut What! [O.C.] Strangers I don`t trust Peep out the scenery so I can adjust Once was a fool `Til I learned the rules, the hard way Pe...

Method Man f Wu-Tang Clan

  • Spazzola

    [Method] Uhh [M. Killa] Deadly Medley part two [Method] That`s my word! It ain`t safe no more...

D-12 f Eminem, Eye Kyu

  • Chance to Advance

    [Proof] Pah pow Straight off the coral Now the Dirtiest street vet from the Mile Incest without the Texas six-shooter Body-bullet polluter Perverted intruder Now who the fuck wanna buck with the disease That`s diss eased I got a bitch named trigger My ...

Missy Elliott f Eve

  • 4 My People

    [Missy] Uhh, yo This is for my motherfucking club heads, you feel me? AAAAOOW!! [Missy] People, gangsters, and pimps and people Smokin that lethal reefer Up in the club wit speakers I had some base and tweeters DJ is jockin needle Sweat till I catch a...

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