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  • death of a priest

    Death of A Priest By Occipitool Written by Justin Gelvin Intro….D-C9-G…2x D C9 Religion Equals Death G D Spoken From Everlasting Breath D C9 Many sinners Rott in deathful decisions G D The Death of a Priest causes many horrid...


  • Who Am I?

    [Pimpstress] Cuz I`m the, Pimpstress, the baddest bitch Clothes always baggy for the stitch and the itch Thirty-five oh no, steady hittin` licks Dreams to be rich, and be on top of the list Brown eyes and bow legs, steady turnin` heads Fuck all the cap...

E.S.G. f Slim Thug, DeShawn Hill

  • Grippin` Grain

    (*talking*) Say Slim, what`s the deal baby (making this money man) uh-huh, true that true that Check this out, it`s going down over here On the South, so I`m bout to come over There on the North and scoop you up We gotta put it down, boys ain`t feel us...


  • Put Your Hand In The Hand

    Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea.

E-40 f K-Ci and JoJo, Too $hort

  • From the Ground Up

    [E-40] Testin testin It`s game orienfested, size six-ex vested K-Cizee.. JoJo... that boy Too Sheezee, Todd Shaw and Earl Stevens, a.k.a.

E-40 f Lil` E

  • Growing Up

    I`m a little mannish motherfucker I take after my older brother Started off selling marijuana, but now I`m selling yola.. [E-40] Here take a swig of this bourbon Hit that, hit that baby Aight dude..

jackson python lee

  • in a broken dream

    IN A BROKEN DREAM Words and music by David Bentley Transcribed by Tom De Val (tde_val@hotmail.com) INTRO: Am Am/G Am/F Fmaj7 Am G C E VERSE 1: Am Am/G Am/F Every day I spend my time drinkin` ...

ocean 11

  • solid as a rock

    Date: Tue, 06 Jan 1998 14:15:37 -0700 From: Action Benny Subject: tab:solid as a rock by ocean 11 Song:Solid as a Rock by Ocean 11 Configured by: skaboi@cyberhighway.net Intro riff...

Austin Powers

  • Hard Knock Life

    Take the base line out
    No? You dont have to
    Bounce with it

    It`s a hard knock life for us
    It`s a hard knock (yeah) life for us
    Stead of treated, we get tricked
    Stead of kisses, we get kic...

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