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Lutricia Mc Neal

  • 365 Days

    365 days Chorus : Where will I be 365 days from now Tell me How will I feel 365 nights without you Oh what would I do? I remember what you used to say Things wont tumble down Now were here and finally it changed Wh...


  • Made in Russia

    Какое дело что в Америке мне И кто кого там снова переиграл Сойдут с ума, забьют в истерике А у меня тут давно свой суперфинал Я больше не хочу от них новостей Мне тут таких своих хватает сполна Я не хочу примера брать с USA Я на своей земле, за мною ...


  • Aqui

    Aquн, aquн no ha pasado nada
    Y si usted vio, no ha visto nada
    Es la otra parte de la historia
    Aquн te podrбs encontrar el mundo
    Nadie estбis en todo estas perdido
    Todos en el callejуn valen lo mismo
    Nadie qui...

Darwin`s Waiting Room

  • D.I.Y.M.

    How many mc`s must get dissed? Yo, motherfucker let me speak on this I be that lyricist, pugilist with an educated fist Evolutionist forced to exist on a black list Pissed and dismissed, I resist to play the backseat No boy from B...


  • Agree To Disagree

    Who’s wrong who’s right
    Life’s to short to waste on fighting
    There has to be a better way to
    Settle out our different opinions
    We all want the freedom
    To choose in what to believe
    We have to learn to acc...

Rollins Band

  • 1.000 Times Blind

    1000 times blind, see me fallin` see me hit the floor 1000 times blind, see me fallin` see me lose my mind Don`t touch me you`ll touch yourself Don`t find me you`ll lose yourself Don`t love me you`ll hate yourself Don`t hold me y...

Allan Peter

  • I Still Call Australia Home

    (P.Allen) I`ve been to cities that never close down from New York, to Rio and old London town, but no matter how far or how wide I roam I still call Australia home.


  • Blood Bath

    I am possessed by death, perverted to unbelief Showing no remorse, killing all th(os)e pigs Slicing to your throat, hacking at your face Ungodly thoughts arise, women I despise Cadavers domain where I once stood None remain apart...


  • Chaos Dies

    Charging in so blind, To manipulate our lives What our eyes now see, Is not what was meant to be Feeding off the pain, A game for the insane Exploiting shallow truth, Is a profitable abuse Shred your life Take your mind Strip you...

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