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Darwin`s Waiting Room

  • D.I.Y.M.

    How many mc`s must get dissed? Yo, motherfucker let me speak on this I be that lyricist, pugilist with an educated fist Evolutionist forced to exist on a black list Pissed and dismissed, I resist to play the backseat No boy from B...


  • Agree To Disagree

    Who’s wrong who’s right
    Life’s to short to waste on fighting
    There has to be a better way to
    Settle out our different opinions
    We all want the freedom
    To choose in what to believe
    We have to learn to acc...

Rollins Band

  • 1.000 Times Blind

    1000 times blind, see me fallin` see me hit the floor 1000 times blind, see me fallin` see me lose my mind Don`t touch me you`ll touch yourself Don`t find me you`ll lose yourself Don`t love me you`ll hate yourself Don`t hold me y...

Allan Peter

  • I Still Call Australia Home

    (P.Allen) I`ve been to cities that never close down from New York, to Rio and old London town, but no matter how far or how wide I roam I still call Australia home.


  • Blood Bath

    I am possessed by death, perverted to unbelief Showing no remorse, killing all th(os)e pigs Slicing to your throat, hacking at your face Ungodly thoughts arise, women I despise Cadavers domain where I once stood None remain apart...


  • Chaos Dies

    Charging in so blind, To manipulate our lives What our eyes now see, Is not what was meant to be Feeding off the pain, A game for the insane Exploiting shallow truth, Is a profitable abuse Shred your life Take your mind Strip you...

Big Punisher f B-Real, Fat Joe, Kool G R

  • Endangered Species *

    * originally on the I`m Not a Player (CD Single) [Chorus] [Fat Joe] What would you do if you could do the unbelievable [Kool G Rap] Once you rule the world every girl will want to be with you [Big Pun] First I get the money then I get the power ...


  • Апрель

    Несколько слов на старом листке Всё о тебе, малыш, всё о любви ко мне Ласковый взгляд, ночное кафе Помню свою ладонь в тёплой твоей руке Плачет апрель смывая следы Наших нежных ночей, нашей первой любви Плачет апрель и не может понять Почему мы друг д...

Citizen Kings

  • Better Days

    In my shoes my toes are bustedMy kitchen says my bread is moldedGot
    a good job at the dollar storeOne foot in the holeOne foot gettin`
    deeperWith a broken mirrorAnd a blown out speaker and
    I ain`t got much else to lose

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