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Eve f Da Brat, Trina

  • Gangsta Bitches

    [Da Brat] get yo` ass asthma with all that coughing, yeah [COUGH] Eve where you at? Ayo Trina where you at? [laughing] Ayo Brat Picture this, Eve walking down the street with two gats by her side The one on her right Trina, the one on her left I In a h...

oatmeal dog

  • astro turf condom

    Astro Turf Condom Oatmeal Dog Standard Tuning Intro/between verses -------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- ------------...

Raekwon f American Cream Team, Killa Sin

  • Giant Size

    * unedited lyrics; The PJ`s soundtrack is clean [Intro: Chip Banks of American Cream Team] What? Aiyyo, y`all wanna do a track wit us or some shit? We the billion dollar boys club.

The Wixtons

  • Insomnia

    Intro: It`s the Diamonds baby Everybody move ya body (x8) - Notorious B.I.G. Jah Boogie: Here comes the Jah changin` faces spoiled rotten A.k.a.


  • Mentally Dull (think Tank Remix)

    Everybody hates me. Why do you suppose that is? Because I`m the son of the devil? Uhuh, that`s a good start. Why else? Dude, this is pretty f*cked up right here. Oh my god, they killed Kenny.

Erick Sermon f Olivia

  • Genius E Dub

    Banger.. Yo.. keep bouncing.. have some fun [O] Uh, bouncy bouncy [Verse One] Uhh, flamin hot, game shot Five seconds left, all net, watch Yo, this here be a funky dope maneuver Bring it to your gut with more Jab than Judah (take that, take that) And...

Vives Carlos

  • Agua

    (Benavides-Ocampo) He andado muchos caminos (bis/repeat) He buscado mil tesoros (bis) Yo te digo que la vida vale ms que todo el oro (bis) Dicen que vivo en la luna (bis) Que casi no tengo nada (bis) Yo tengo una gran fortuna y es...

E.S.G. and Slim Thug

  • Boss Hogg Outlaws

    [Hook - 2x] Here we come here we come, here we come through the do` Here we come here we come, they can`t stop us no mo` Two thugs bout to explode, dropping low We the shit huh, somebody blunt you come on [Slim Thug] I`m nineteen on 20`s, every time I...


  • 24HourMC Verse

    24 Hours From Now, I`ll be still around Digging up potholes, then kill ya sound to fill the ground My skill abounds over yours in comparison Cause you square and It`s embarrasing You can talk to the hand like Mr.

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