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The Neptunes f Ab-Liva, Clipse

  • Blaze of Glory

    [Pharrell] Nigga, put down ya beer and - snatch up ya chair `n A lot of clak up, clak up, street clearin` First the firing then the siren you`ll be hearin` Your man gotta few heartbeat left they fearin` [Chorus - Pharrell] It`s me or you, or them or u...

Lost Boyz f Freaky Tah

  • Freaky Tah Outro (Rap)

    Okay Me Freaky Tah going up for me Met two shorties yeah no doubt Took out the weed passed to the house Told my niggas to get the hell out Bout to get busy yeah no doubt Bone one to death then eat the other out Get real freaky put my tongue in her mout...

Proper Dos f Bizz, Royal T

  • Westside

    [Bizz] Westside Oh, oooh Yeah Oooh [Frank V] Another day at the spot where the homies be chilling Thinking of how we`re gonna make our next million On the Westside of town, keep it real, keep it Brown Ain`t a hater alive that could hold us down Cuz we...

Redman f DJ Kool

  • Let`s Get Dirty

    Attention, all you niggaz, all you bitches Time to put down the Cristal, time to take off the ice for a minute Time to throw a little mud in this motherfucker..

Eddie Haskill

  • Come Follow Me

    The more that I write the more she forgets the love Attention can`t be spent in both places at once Even right now I know she`s getting furious A dark cumulous cloud because both are getting serious I picked up the pen before she got picked up and She ...

Rasheeda f Slim (112)

  • Get it On

    (Talking) 2001, we bout to show ya`ll how we do it Once again, this Rasheeda, and I`m introducin` The one, and the only (Slim) S-L-I-M, ohhhhh (Chorus) We can get it on, let me come a lil` closer Freakin` all night long, makin` love until we`re over ...


  • Its about time you were mine

    Watching you, watching me Do you see what I see Things aren`t like they used to be We`ve been friends, yes it`s true But I need so much more from you Now I`ve got to make my move Oh, it`s about time that you were mine (hoo hoo, hoo hoo) And I said, it...

Eyedea (Oliver Hart) f Slug

  • Forget Me

    [Eyedea] Would you believe there`s only four more people in the world And when you`re not looking they change masks Somewhere over the rainbow it`s the same Instead of needle infested train tracks No matter how fast you run from the eye you hate There ...

Pastor Troy Presents D.S.G.B

  • We Dem Georgia Boyz

    We Dem Georgia Boyz 4x Hook: We Dem Georgia Boyz, We Dem Georgia Boyz We Dem Georgia Boyz, We Dem Georgia Boyz That`s Makin Dat Georgia Noise We Dem Georgia Boyz, We Dem Georgia Boyz We Dem Georgia Boyz (Verse One) You Want War, you got war, so brin...

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