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LL Cool J feat. Montell Jordan

  • Get It On Tonight (Remix)

    [Montell] Def Jam baby Like a Mac could Def Soul [LL Cool J] I`m trying to figure out how I could make this happen, word up Get this money Shorty you musta lost my number Fell into a deep slumber You played me long deep That make a playa wonder I play...

ford robin

  • blues shuffle

    This is a popular Robin Ford blues shuffle....hold the pick between your index and thumb, use the pick and your middle finger 4 Times (I) e-------------------------------- B-------------------------------- G-----------4---2--1-------------- D-------...

LL Cool J feat. Ja Rule, Method Man and

  • Four Seasons

    [Redman] Bitch! Brick City, yo Yo, yo Funk Doc straight lunatic since young At 8 paint chips the rare moon ---- That pair mics, my maintenance I battle you and then me and Meth exchange shifts For money, to your house arrest anklet I take it all, if no...

Trews, The

  • Yearning

    A moment in time, despair and fear, nothing`s ahead, you are right here,
    Near is the pain, tragedy changing you dear?
    Catastrophe, everything`s gone, nothing today, was agreed upon,
    You had no choice, as you watched t...

Вариант К

  • В твоих глазах

    Глубже, чем океан, чище капли росы Сильнее, чем ураган твои глаза Ветер уносит грусть, и ничего не боюсь Когда, смотрю в твои глаза В твоих глазах я вижу солнца яркий свет И не возможно не сгореть, в твоих глазах И в них на дне увидеть себя И отражень...

Z-Ro f Guerilla Maab

  • R U Down

    [Z-Ro] Stained all broke ass niggas in my mix, mix [Z-Ro] I heard a stranger say geurilla till I die but motherfuckers be claiming A name in vein nigga you ain`t never witnessed the pain But I got a diploma for making bitch niggas hold they jaw When I...

LL Cool J feat. Ludacris and amp; Keith

  • Fatty Girl

    F is for all theFatties wearin my shit! (Do you want me to..) uh, yeah, what? (Uhh, Trackmasters, FB, Entertainment) Yeah, this how we gon` do this (uhh, uhh, ooh!) [Ludacris] Yo, girl you taste like a Cinnabun So sweet from the thighs to the cheek Se...


  • La Cuca

    LA CUCA (Manny Rivera Tulile - merengue)

    Cuca, tu si te la da (2X)
    Sera porque lleva, Tu familia atra (2X)

    Cuca, tu baila merengue (2X)
    Y cuando lo baila, Lo baila decente (2X)

    Cuca, tu si tie...

knapp jennifer

  • Faithful To Me

    All the chisels I`ve dulled carving idols of stone That have crumbled like sand neath the waves I`ve recklessly built all my dreams in the sand Just to watch them all wash away Through another day, another trial, Another chance to...

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