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Eightball & M.J.G.

  • Throw Your Hands Up

    Bitch, I ain`t got nothing but time, so I`ma get out on these cuts
    and grind, keep my mind on cloud twenty-nine
    my player ways keep me with plenty dimes,
    see I`ma shine like all six of my gold teeth,

Project Pat f Crunchy Black

  • Ski Mask

    Hook:(rpt.2x). Ski Ski mask over my skull papers in my mouth cause i`m real bitch it`s a house call glock nine wit no love killaz from the south gotta bill caps that make the shells fall [Verse 1: Project Pat] Yeah as you walk in the vally of a yuppa ...

El Chapo

  • En Cobijas

    Que a poco ya olvidaste aquellos enserones las noches de
    pasiones de con mi amor te dieras
    que a poco no recuerdas de cuando
    me lloravas y hanciosa me abrazabas para que no me fuera

    ya no trates de enganarte s...

Jackson 5 f Black Rob, Puff Daddy

  • I Want You Back `98

    [Puff Intro] Yeah The old school To the new school Bad Boy, remix, let`s go [Black Rob] Like that Black gon` slide with Mike Jack Puff done remixed one hell of a track Put me on it I wanna know How many want it? Damn, it feels good to see people love ...

Lenny Kravitz and amp; Teena Marie

  • Main Squeeze

    Teena Marie : Hey you, where are you going with that suitcase Naw, Put that down, you ain`t going nowhere Just reflecting on the way it was It is irrelevant The fact we`re still together baby doll Is so significant I love you child I always will thi...

O.C. f U NAST, ?Nevaha?

  • Soul in the Hole soundtrack

    [O.C.] Uhh, uhh Yeah, yeah Hah, hah U NAST and O.C. O.C. and U NAST Yeah, yeah Medina style, y`know? Commitin crimes with the rhymes, always on time Lampin on the Island with a honey that`s a dime Sippin on wine, escapin New York life Fleein the inner...

Joe f Jadakiss

  • Drumline Sountrack

    * send corrections to the typist Uh Mmm yeah Uh Uh Uh, ooh oow [Jadakiss] Yo, the game is dirty watch how you playin` it It`s your bed watch who you let lay in it It`s your crib watch who you let stay in it Cause when you think they want they just mi...

Limp Bizkit f Snoop Dogg

  • Red Light Green Light

    [Fred Durst] Ladies and gentlemen.. Limp Bizkit, and Snoop Dogg Freak baby, freak freak baby Freak baby, freak freak baby [Chorus 2x: Fred + (Snoop)] Red light, green light (Red light, green light) Red light, green light (Red light, green light) Red l...

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