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Isabelle Boulay

  • Le Saule

    Sans toi
    J`ai essayй de m`йtourdir
    De courir les plaisirs
    Sans toi, sans toi
    Mais c`йtait juste
    Des confettis dans mes cheveux
    J`avais les yeux
    Remplis de larmes
    Et je reste plantйe lа


  • Your Love

    Your love - your love is never changing Your love - your love is always lasting. Baby I wanna be with you You know that I wanna be true `Cause tonight the night the night is the night You know you know I wanna make it right.


  • Broken Dream November

    your weather is coming in i feel you here again i dont look like i did a little bruised from everything you were all you never got to be you`re in my heart watch over me waiting here for you and the sun dont shine as bright witho...


  • Caught a Glimpse

    What just happened? The hollywood empire strikes back And this time Im standing in their way Waited for so long For this to come along Now this beauty and beast is starring in my face Still silent voice whispers stay (bu...

Eternal Afflict

  • Dreams Take Blind Souls

    Dreams of some hand - emotions Down in tears of some lyrics Laughin` about nothing - nothing to laugh Satin covered my refired heart There are corners - there is light Truth, an attempt in vain Rooms of monstrous emotions Damn nig...


  • Blood Calling

    Bringer of light The Faustian search, envision my primeval self Sail the vast ocean of lucid darkened eyes Cast asunder,melting my soul On this sea of million dreams Through this first flower I?m touching the boundaries of evoluti...

Nikki Leonti

  • Everlasting Place

    I can see beyond The meadows and the fields I can see forever I can tell you now That His love is real And holding me together And I want to tell you that Life isn`t always easy But I`ve found better days Waiting there for me ...

Eternal Dirge

  • Anthem To The Seeds (of Pure Demise)

    Incarnation of infernal malice Soaked with wincing life Far beyond the boundaries Of phantasmagoric rage Deep into the reeling suction Insane eruptions of destruction Twisting dissociation Into the radical void Ascending cataclysm...

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