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Antti Tuisku

  • Hiljaisuus

    Tummuu ilta jouluyцhцn
    Nostan katseen ylцs tдhtiyцhцn
    On vaan yksinдisyys seuranaan

    Lumen alla luomakunta
    nukkuu tuulen kanssa talviunta
    On vaan yksinдisyys seuranaan

Public Enemy f Masta Killa

  • Resurrection

    Chuck D: damn back again up on track again some of y`all black again it got dark on your mark get set out of sight out of mind hyprocites forget like marionettes strings in the back like nets the chosen one who can laugh themselves to death lack ...

Наталья Могилевская

  • Полюби меня такой


    Стая белых журавлей, возвращалась домой,
    Я позволила себе, быть немножко другой...
    Полюби меня такой, полюби меня такой,
    Полюби меня такой, какая я есть.

    Полюби меня такой, полюби меня такой...

Подъем Карина М.

  • Кораблики

    Только школу окончил - повестку прислали Я и не ожидал Я успел со всеми попрощаться Не беги, не плачь, сестрёнка Я же тебя не бросил Просто я ухожу Тебе со мной нельзя Я напишу Скорей возвращайся (Кому-то надо) Скорей возвращайся (Кому-то надо) Скорей...

Anne & Kate McGarrigle

  • Swimming song

    (words and music: Loudon Wainwright/Snowden Music)

    This summer I went swimming
    This summer I might have drowned
    But I Held my breath, kicked my feet
    And I moved my arms around,
    Moved my ar...

Fabrizio De Andrи

  • Il Pescatore

    All`ombra dell`ultimo sole
    s`era assopito un pescatore
    e aveva un solco lungo il viso
    come una specie di sorriso
    Venne alla spiaggia un assassino
    due occhi grandi da bambino
    due occhi enormi di paura

Pras Michael

  • Ghetto Supastar

    Man man, look up at the sky
    All the stars man, the stars is beautiful tonight
    Look at `em!

    Ghetto superstar, that is what you are
    Comin from afar, reachin for the stars
    Run away with me, to another place

Ol` Dirty Bastard and Coolio

  • Slam soundtrack

    [ODB] Yeah, youknowhatI`msayin, to you? I was in Riker`s Island, youknowhatI`msayin? High impact, youknowhatI`msayin? They they had me pickin cigarettes (SLAM!) A thousand cigarettes up off the floor Doin push-ups, all that bullshhhh Yo I`m tryin to (S...

Corrinne May

  • Mr. Beasley

    You don`t have to drive a fancy car
    Don`t have to quote me Shakespeare just to woo me
    Yeah I see your nervous laughter when you`re trying to crack some joke
    Well, you don`t fool me
    I`d like to see your eyes through thos...

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