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Raphael (Pop)

  • Imagine

    Imagine there`s no heaven,
    It`s easy if you try,
    No hell below us,
    Above us only sky,
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today...

Fabolous f Jadakiss

  • We Be Like This

    [Intro: Fabolous] Getting it on Brooklyn we back Ghetto Fab [repeat 4X] Like that I got on, I got on [Chorus: repeat 2X] From the rocks to the trees We be like this From the blocks to the P`s Streets be like this From the cock to the squeeze Heat be ...


  • The Nightshift

    (Intro) Yo breddren, you look so fucked up You look so fuck up breddren Yo g, I`ve been bleaching for days Haven`t slept, haven`t eaten, know what I mean I`m just trying to make this money you know what I mean People at home have to eat rude boy, strai...

Настя Кочеткова

  • Всегда вместе

    Между мной и тобой миллионы миль.
    Меня и тебя - нас разделяет целый мир.
    Миллионы вокруг меня, но нужен ты один.
    Мне нужен ты один.
    Всегда вместе - не могут люди.
    Всегда рядом - не могут люди.

Владимир Розенбаум

  • А в приступе нежности...

    Владимир Розенбаум

    А в приступе нежности я преступаю Hm Em GF#7 Hm

    Все грани дозволенных людям приличий, H H7 H H7<...

Nothing Brings Indemnity

  • At Nite In Niagra

    Poor Hanging head that held the trials of 2, hack away your puppet limbs with whichever sword you choose.Everlasting love came ever last in line.Arise dear downcasted toy, you look so sickly in that shade of green you wear so well.For no reason I am be...

Владимир Городзейский

  • Аэродром

    Владимир Городзейский

    Аэродром накрыла пелена тумана.

    Это было утром, это было рано.

    Кто-то спрятал солнце, схоронил куда-то.

    И исчезли тени от машин крылатых.


Jungle Brothers f Q-Tip

  • Straight Out the Jungle

    [Word up] Jungle Brother, JB for short. A bite a bit my rhyme and we almost fort. But since he was a brother I thought that`d be wrong. So I let him go, I let him run along. [Run along] I write rhymes like I come from New York City.

Ol Dirty Bastard f MC Eiht, E-40

  • Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Studio Ton Remix) *

    * - clean version is the only version that exists Intro: Oooh baby I like it raw Yeah baby I like it rawww (with your MC at the epicenter) Oooh baby I like it raw (sup boo? sup? sup baby?) Yeah baby I like it rawww Oooh baby I like it raw (it`s E-...

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