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Alejandro Fuentes

  • Alejandro Fuentes- Stars

    One stolen look cross the room
    an illusive smile, but soon baby soon.
    One minute for every hour
    but time hasn`t been on our side on our side.

    Still holding on
    been waiting so long
    for that indelable tim...

Kingpin Skinny Pimp f Whip

  • Another Riot

    Talking.. [Kingpin Skinny Pimp] Let`s start another riot cuz you can`t hide Throw your hoods in the sky if you wanna be down with mine Pimp gangstas from the south gold grill in my mouth Tatted out hustler Skinny Pimp talking about Fake tricks in the ...


  • Child

    Like a long day in life
    Never so strong is the mercy inside
    I feel my eyes turn to the skies
    Sliding slowly, melting in your eyes

    You cover up the cruelty
    They built so carefully for all thoseyears
    You ...

Kelis f Pharrell Williams

  • I Don`t Care Anymore

    Well you can everyone I`m a down disgrace Or drag my name all over the place I don`t care anymore, I don`t care You can tell everybody bout the state I`m in And you won`t catch me crying cos I just can`t win I don`t care anymore, I don`t care, I don`t ...

Popa Wu f Dungeon Masta, Laza-life, Popa

  • Never Shit Where You Eat

    [Hook 5X: Laza-life & Dungeon Masta] Make money, money, make money, money, money Take money, money, take money, money, money [Chorus: Popa Chief] Never shit where you eat, never admit defeat We never got beaten, and if we have to we cheat Only t`ing a...

Flesh N Bone, R.W.O. more

  • Untouchable

    Verse 1: Lets grab and get it, hangin` from the celing`, Cause the H-town been in that zone in to that zone. Way you`ll never make it home. What did I do wrong? Hatin on Ei & Bone. Its crucial mistakes in the game were we play no room for hata`s.

Daniel Powter

  • Bad Day

    Where is the moment we need at the most
    You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
    They tell me your blue skies fade to grey
    They tell me your passion`s gone away
    And I don`t need no carryin` on

    You st...

Ja Rule f Black Child, D.O. Cannons, You

  • Things Gon` Change

    [Verse 1: Ja Rule] First off, fuck the snitch and that Unit he claim Fuck Dre partial, and Eminem Plus the world heard it before, they tired of them And they waitin` for that thug shit from Rule again And Proff can bomb proff your hummer then Put a ves...

Krayzie Bone f Thug Queen, Souljah Boy,

  • Armageddon

    (Krayzie) The Time has come Let us unite, Mount! (Thug Queen) My heavenly father;s children (My haevenly father) The time has come for judgement Armageddon False prophets never blend in For we are (we are) Revelation angels descending (my lordy lord) ...

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