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Field Mob f Cee-Lo, T.I.

  • All I Know

    [Intro: Cee-Lo] It`s 6 O`clock, it`s volume 1 Yeah, Greg Street`s mixtape [Verse One: Boondox] Uh uh I came up in the hood infested with teenage hustlers Street grinders, paper chasin scrapin busters By keepin dust up noses and caine homes; pipes and ...

J.C. Chasez f Ol` Dirty Bastard, Pharrel

  • Some Girls (Dance With Women) (Remix)

    [J.C.] The door is coming off the hinges About to pass out, no doubt it`s hot in here Because the club is full of women It`s wall to wall and I got my crew with me We grab a table spot to chill in Hunt down a waitress, make an order Here we go Throw ba...

P. Diddy f Big Azz Ko, Mark Curry, Loon

  • The Last Song

    [P. Diddy] 1, 2, 1, 2 yeh y`all can hear me make the drumming sound yeh lets ride yeh yeh be clear we here lights out eat here sleep here my house rhyme wasting time wasting feds want me caged in hope they got patience more you win they want you to l...

Fat Joe f Armageddon, Tony Sunshine

  • All I Need

    [Talking: Fat Joe] Cool & Dre Who you gonna trust? Yea, you could trust me, haha [Tony Sunshine] La la la la la Oooooh [Chorus: Tony Sunshine] I don`t care about nothing else my baby (Baby I don`t care) All I care is bout being here for you (Oooh) An...

Joe CockerSass Jordan

  • Trust In Me

    Verse 1 Joe I see you turnin` the world in your hands Just let it go I`ve loved you better, than ever you wanted Doesn`t it show Bridge 1 Joe You`ve been standin` at the window, day & night Lookin` at the rain A simple conversation A hel...

kincaid slappy

  • gauze

    Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 16:31:39 -0500 (EST) From: Justin Kunz Gauze, written and performed by Slappy Kincaid Taken from the album Midnight Sun Tabbed by Justin Kunz comments, questions, suggestions: ...

James D 303 f Willis Case

  • Shady Lady

    [Hook - 2x] No, no baby baby No more, acting shady Know that, you`re my lady You driving me crazy [Willis Case] Girl my patience is slipping Because, I just don`t understand why you be tripping It was, the beginning of a beautiful story But now, you j...


  • unknown

    From Wed Apr 16 10:45:59 1997 Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 10:25:18 +0000 From: PMurphy To: Subject: A song by Kinetic: Tab Kinetic has not named any of their songs yet, and this one is not finished....

Faith Evans f Puff Daddy

  • All Night Long

    [Puffy] I like this right here, yeah Bad Boy, and we won`t stop Faith, `99 [Faith] 1 - We can dance, dance, dance Clap your hands, hands, hands All night, if you`re in the mood Do what you wanna do All night long Happy days are here So leave you...

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