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Jane Blaze

  • Jane`s Law

    Yeah, uh Queens baby Log on to this bitch, uh Team Work, shot self baby Uh, yeah Huh, yeah it`s like that Get ready world Bout to set this shit on fire one time Jane Blaze baby Yo, uh yeah Yo Give me a few ticks curtains for these ballerina chicks Try...

Luniz f Dru Down

  • Dirty Raps

    Intro pt. 1: Dru Down I`s um, like chillin in the wind, you know what I`m sayin Breezy as fuck, I`m like representin the east side of the O My name DD, if you didn`t know, you know what I`m sayin The Luniz is here to like represent 9-4 and 9-5 Givin ...

Prime Time f Ms. Tee

  • Coming Wit It!

    (Ms. Tee) Yeah, fa sho, Hot Boys, P-N-C, uh, Prime Time, Misdemeanor, uh, Kangol, Dejon, got it goin` on, Hot Boy, Gert-Town hounds, Yeah, fa sho, Representin` P-N-C First Verse (Ms.

Jayo Felony f E-40 and Ice Cube

  • J.A.Y.O.

    Jayo: What, what, what, what? To all my niggas and females who don`t give a mad ass fuck: Get your shit, cause we ride tonight! Any questions? We just against y`all oppressors. So all you house niggers stay in the motherfucking house.

Lil` Kim f Notorious B.I.G.

  • Drugs

    [BIG] Never a flaw [Kim] A different kind of high [Kim] Yaknow, feel me on this, huh, uhh Ladies and gents Your dopest host presents extravagence in the ladies` frame, leavin cum stains Niggaz remain in awe, when I brought a Dillinger Throw it to ya j...

Fiend f Mac, Master P, Prime Suspect

  • I Got The Hook-Up! soundtrack

    [Master P] Niggaz, see this one here? You see this one here? Goes out to every soldierette and every soldier Cross the motherfuckin` board I don`t give a fuck where you from It`s how you come If you want the hook up, this how it`s goin` down Prime Susp...

Warren Brothers

  • Beat of A Heart

    Sometimes it`s hard to don`t wanna look over your shoulder `Cause you don`t want to remember where you`ve been There`ll come a time you die, If you could only hold her `Cause I know that`s where I am So listen with all your ...

Jason Mewes

  • Jay`s Rap 2001

    [Jay] Fuck, fuck, fuck Mutha, mutha fuck Mutha, mutha mutha fuck fuck Mutha fuck, mutha fuck Noinch, noinch, noinch 1-2-1-2-3-4 Noinch, noinch, noinch Smokin` weed Smokin` wiz Doin` coke Drinkin` beers Drinkin` beers, beers, beers Rollin` fatties, smok...

Lil` Kim f Cee-Lo, Redman

  • Lil` Drummer Boy

    [Bailiff] Will the court please rise? Judge Funk Doctor Spock residing [Prosecutor] Your honor Lil` Kim is a threat to society She has shown a blatant disregard for the law And has killed six fine law enforcement agents in the line of duty For the vic...

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