Dirty Raps — текст песни (Luniz f Dru Down)

Intro pt. 1: Dru Down

I`s um, like chillin in the wind, you know what I`m sayin
Breezy as fuck, I`m like representin the east side of the O
My name DD, if you didn`t know, you know what I`m sayin
The Luniz is here to like represent 9-4 and 9-5
Givin it up to you muthafuckas like real live
So take it to advantage and give it up, niggas

Intro pt. 2: CNH (Dru Down)

(C.N. muthafuckin H, hey, fffwussup w-wussup wit that bitch, nigga?)
What bitch? The bitch that I nutted all up in her face
And was grippin all down her back?
(Huh, yeah, that ol` bitch that uh,
Had on that ol` tight ass shit wit them bikinis and shit
Draws was fittin tight! You know?)
Ehh, after I nutted in that bitch` face
I took a broom and shoved it straight up her muthafuckin pussy
(Cause she a trampy slutty ass bitch, you feel)

I`m at the peak of my age; when I wake up my dick`s hard as fuck
Steady stickin hoes so you know I don`t press my luck
I like to fuck until she bleedin
Don`t ask me no questions, afterwards you know that I`ll be leavin
I might not leave right then and there though
I`m not givin you no ride, so get up, put on your hair, hoe
I got no feelings for hoes at all
Cause I know when they leave, the next nigga fuckin up the walls
So when I have em for a one night, I have more fun than Hasbro
But I don`t be fuckin hoes in the ass though
That`s a no-no, a nay-nay
I remember to take my dick out, hoes, cause I don`t want no babies
It doesn`t matter what position we in
Cause when I nut, the cum`s headin straight for ya chin
My dick is shootin like a water hose
And if your tits are big and in the way then I`ma water those
Ya think Too $hort was bad
Hoe, ya better think twice cause I`ma have you wearin out ya kneepads
And what the fuck is a threesome?
I don`t give a fuck about how many hoes, I`m fuckin plenty hoes
It doesn`t matter to me nuthin, you can put ya mouth
On my dick, but there just won`t be no eatin out
We can have lots of fun though
Take a hit of Henessy, uh-oh, ya better run, hoe
Cause I be horny as fuck hittin the yang in the gut
And if you think you can hang then good luck
I`ll take ya on no matter what ya think
Ya know shit`s all good, just as long as it don`t stink
So open up and let me in, and in the end
All ya have is nut drippin off ya chinny chin chin, wit my ...

Break: CNH (Dru Down)
Man, you muthafuckas is dirtier than a muthafucka
That`s all y`all talkin about
Just nut and cum and bitches suckin dick and shit like that
(Ay, ay nigga, bring ya ass out the bathroom, nigga, ay
What`s that vaseline doin right there nigga?
Yeah, nigga don`t tell me it`s for ya muthafuckin lips, ha ha ha
Yeah nigga, bring ya ass out nigga, right now)
Yeah, you know what I`m sayin, wussup Yuk?

Yeah, Yukmouth in the muthafuckin house, the crib or the pad
Look out the back of my ass, peep the sag
Love to hit blunts cause that`s the shit, but never eat the cunt
When I fuck wit a stunt, that ain`t the lick, punk!
Sellin out and gettin sick when ya earl is when
Niggas lick the pearl tongue, fuckin with them girls from
The ghetto, if it wasn`t for dukie braids
The hair be nappy that done fucked everybody and they grandpappy
Wearin a rubber can`t provoke
A nigga from catchin gonorrhea in the throat, so you choke
I never was a nigga down to eat
I just pound the meat, enough to put a bitch sound to sleep
Most niggas don`t know what they doin on it
Ya might as well grab some shit out the toilet and start chewin on it
Cause niggas eat the asshole too
Leavin hella doo-doo on yo tongue, now you sprung on the bitch
(She fucked the crew even) Steven Segal was above the law
And I ain`t puttin my lips on shit that ain`t above the bra
Hoes pout when on the couch cause I never put my mouth down south
You gotta count me out like Ralph
I`m not a stone cold gentleman but my dick is sensitive
When it goes down the throat and hit the ribs (Yeah)
So open up and let me in; in the end
All ya have is nut drippin off ya chiny chin chin, beyotch

Outro: CNH (Dru Down)
(Yeah, like me, you know what I`m sayin
I`m givin a bitch a golden shower,
Ya know, pissin all in the hoe` face, ya know,
Some of that dirty ass shit, like CNH, tell these hoes!)
Yeah, y`know what I`m sayin
It`s that dirty shit, y`know what I`m sayin
For all you hoes out there who suck plenty of dick,
Who swallow plenty of cum,
And take a fat dick in yo muthafuckin ass, bitch
(Ya cranky ass bitch, yeah)
This somethin to ride to, in the 9-4, hoe!

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