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Lil` Cease f Total

  • Dolly Baby

    [Lil` Cease] I keep the 6 double 0 cranking We be banking, Ben Franklin, Little Cease in the Lincoln Jewels in the Pinkie, got you blinking Shine too bright, rhyme too tight Cuz I`m hot like, the sun on the spotlight Brand new Gucci sweats, bustin yach...

Frankie f Jadakiss (The Lox)

  • If I Had You (Chuckie Thompson Remix)

    Baby if I told you once I told you a thousand times Every chance I get I`m dreaming of you (I do) But if you`d only start thinking And give love a try (give love a try) There be nothing I wouldn`t do If only I, if only I 1 - If I had you (all I wo...

Happy Head

  • Atomic Candy

    (Carl L. Marsh) plough up a field of money scatter your seed mind over matter? well it matters to me candy riding an ark political sparkle cast the first stone you`ll be making a mark indeed there goes caution to the wind ...

Ja Rule f Hussein Fatal

  • Blood in My Eye

    [Intro Hussein Fatal] And what ever it is then that`s what is gonna be nigga Hussein Fatal, the outlaw don, Blood In My Eyes Shyea`, Triple O stand up, Got your mind`s back right Jerse`s mobbin` these cowards all the time You know gunning them down, Ev...

Lil` Jon and the Eastside Boyz f Krayzie

  • I Don`t Give A...

    (Intro - Lil` Jon) OKAY....OKAY....OKAY....OKAY....OKAY....OKAY.....WHAAA, OKAY (Chorus - Lil` Jon & The Eastside Boyz) You ride up to the club nigga, I don`t give a fuck Sick of yo` ass in the club bitch, I don`t give a fuck Drinkin` Cris in the V.I....

Jaz-O (The Jaz)

  • It`s Ova

    [Jaz-O] Its the one, you ain`t serious nigga [Chorus - Jaz-O] The long wait is (ova) My patience is (ova) I took a leave let you breathe all that (ova) You caught amnesia you (ova) Non believer you (ova) You the worst don`t you know? no? [Jaz-O] I be...

Lil` 12 Dead f Chaos, Quick Ta Mac

  • If You Don`t Know

    [Verse 1: Lil 1/2 Dead] I gots game like Monopoly Ain`t no nigga stoppin` me From doin` what I gotta do, so fuck you and you too Your whole crew is weak, so peep Sit back for a second, let this real nigga speak Tweak off the shit that I say is true And...

Poison Clan

  • Action (Mike Fresh Nasty Mix)

    * e-mail corrections direct to the typist Intro: [Rasta verse by Likkle Wicked; most of his verse is indistinct] Now rudeboy JT, from Poison Clan, come in wit dem lyrics and kill the gangstas!! JT: Ahem! Hello everybody, this JT Money, the Bitchiz...

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