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Swizz Beatz f Baby, Yung Wun

  • Let Me See Ya Do Your Thing

    [Intro: Baby] Uh huh (off the top) Cash Money, Hot Boys (all to me nigga) You understand . . . Say Swizz, give it all to me, don`t hold it back I want it, give it all, hit me in the chest wit it nigga [Verse: Baby] I got work, bricks, money, pistols H...

Abreu Fernanda

  • A Lata

    A lata No fundo da madrugada No silêncio na calada De repente foi chutada Na batida Começou a batucada E o som seco dessa lata Era um funk lá na lapa Era o wailers na Jamaica Um pagode na Nigéria Era o m...

Daz Dillinger and JT the Bigga Figga f C

  • Ain`t Nothing Changed

    [ VERSE 1: JT The Bigga Figga ] We play hardball, runnin these streets in different routes Make the paper count, stuffed in the couch, we got clout All I talk about is cheddar-chasin, we in the Jets In a parking lot in a bubble goose rockin a vest So w...

gemini ft. nb ridaz

  • crazy for love

    chorus Have you ever met somebody that will love you like i do i`m goin crazy, crazy for you girl And have you ever love somebody that will give it all for you i`m goin crazy, crazy for you gemini 1st verse i`m goin...

Mo B. Dick

  • Intercourse

    I just wanna fuck with you Do the thing that porn stars do Yeah, I just wanna fuck with you Do the thing that porn stars do Let`s get buck naked baby And make love like you never done before Let`s do each other like dogs do each other You know how I l...

Cormega f Jonell

  • All I Need

    [Intro] *phone rings* [Mega] yo [Girl] Hey [Mega] Whussup [Girl] Chillin [Mega] Word [Girl] Working [Mega] Yeah, nahmsaying [Girl] Well when you coming home? [Mega] I`m a be there later on [Girl] Well look, wee need to talk [Mega] Ahh boy Yo listen, ...

Dan-e-o f Irs and Wio-K

  • Stand Clear

    [KORRY DEEZ] Yo, nod your neck as the record gets so mean That every head detects that I`m in effect like codeine We bring hip-hop to life where there`s no scene Our show seems to convert rap culture into D.N.A.

Sticky Fingaz f Columbo, X-1

  • Let`s Do It

    Fuck niggaz though it was man? Right, right, uh-huh I`ma holla at `em dog Nah mean Got my nigga, Mike B South suicide Queens X-million, bout to tear it down wit my nigga You know? Stick holla at `em dog [Sticky Fingaz] I`m gettin tired of the war sto...

Common f Erykah Badu

  • All Night Long

    [Common (with Badu singing in background)] Yeah.. wanna feel the vi-ah-hi-hibe Wanna feel the vibe, wanna feel the vi-ibe! Uhhh.. wanna, what? Yeah Wanna, what? Uhh, yeah (come on) Every-bod`, c`mon, uhh Yo, yo..

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