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Funky Aztecs f 2Pac

  • Day of the Dead

    ( yeah, yeah the F. A`s coming str8 from the wild wild west) Verse: 1 (Merciless) Look at baby girl born in 19-7-deuce Pop`s on his fix, Mom`s stuck on that crazy juice went to school, It`s all cool but in Junior Hiiigh Little hooker in the bathroom ...

Jermaine Dupri f DMX, The Mad Rapper

  • Get Your Shit Right

    [DMX] Grrrrrrr, grrrrr, grrr (Yeah) Chorus: repeat 2X To all my bitches in the spot lookin` real fly An` all my niggas wit the corner locked gettin` high An` all my playas world wide it`s just you and I Getcha paper, getcha dough, getcha shit right ...

Fredro Starr f Begetz

  • Dat Be Dem

    [Chorus 2X: Begetz] We them killas that you read about Playin wit them toys, and pullin heaters out Keep talkin shit and we gon air it out Takin Other People Money is what we all about [Fredro Starr] Aiyo, I roll wit the Gods and them, the Stars and t...

Jin Tha MC f Kanye West

  • Get Your Handz Off

    * first single; send corrections to the typist From the start to the finish I`ma bark on contenders Wanna tarnish my image I can`t promise forgiveness See I was never like this My mom`s would never like this And y`all was never like us That`s why y`al...

Jay-Z f Memphis Bleek, Snoop Dogg

  • Get Your Mind Right Mami

    [Jay-Z] Sup ma? You want to roll with us, y`knowhatI`msayin? It`s good, it`s love, it`s all love We got cases of Belvedere, we gon` play truth or dare We gon` really get to know one another All you gotta do is put your hair down, get your mind right K...

Kardinal Offishal

  • U R Ghetto

    [Intro] (Girl and guy talking) Ayyo, whassup girl? What`s with this dress shirt and jogger pants? Whatever How you gonna be wearing them open toed shoes and white socks? Whatever nigga You still got coupons from White Castle Whatever You`re so ghetto, ...

Private Line

  • 1-800-Out-Of-Nowhere

    It`s been a while I hit this station
    I`ve been away since didn`t know where to go
    All I need is my liberation
    The place you once called home
    Has changed to strange and cold

    Where have you been
    Call 1-80...

Freak Nasty

  • Da Dip

    Intro: This goes out to all the women in the world, especially her. You know it don`t even matter your age; it don`t even matter your color. Yo, fellas, I ain`t forgettin` `bout y`all. This is for everybody who like to dance.


  • A Song For You

    Boots`n`Braces, Short hair.
    A lot of pride, Born to win.
    Ben Sherman, Levi`s jeans.
    Dressed smart, Never give in.
    Drinking beer, Have a fight.
    It`s a part, Of the night.
    A way of life, Unity.
    Fly the fla...

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