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Lena Valeidis

  • Jonny Blue

    Blue, Blue, Blue Jonny Blue, alle singen deine Lieder
    Blue, Blue, Blue Jonny Blue, und die ganze Welt hört zu

    Er wuchs auf ohne Freunde, den keiner wollt spielenMit einem,
    der blind war, wie er .
    Und er sa&sz...

Foxy Brown f Mystikal

  • Bout My Paper

    [Mystikal] If it ain`t about my paper (paper) The bitch don`t call me (Bitch don`t call me) Cause I`m about my motherfucking business (my business) So you can kill that talking (kill that talking) If you ain`t got no motherfucking confrontation Then ke...

Jim Crow f Jazze Pha, Too $hort

  • Crow`s Nest

    (Short talking) Damn, Ay man, ain`t that Chris baby momma over there? She lookin good (Hook - Jazze Pha) 2x I know that it`s gonna be drama But I got a thang for ya baby momma It don`t stop, it won`t stop It goes on and on and on (Got my eye on ya bit...

K-Ci and JoJo f 2Pac

  • Thug in Me, Thug in You

    [2Pac] He, he, he Baby it`s the thug in me You know what time it is.. By age 13 I was buckwild Good in my knucklegame Made it through a tough childhood Never be the same Walked in my daddy`s shoes No time to be a peaceful man, had to shatter fools Tha...

Lil Wayne f Baby

  • BM J.R.

    [Baby talking] Yeah shawty you know what I`m talkin about I`m peepin these niggaz out there slippin lookin like they ain`t `bout money no mo` man.


  • Лей слезы, лей

    Кроме смерти есть у меня
    Только солнце в капле огня,
    Несколько слов, несколько строк,
    Чтобы ты стал не одинок.

    Но я молчу не смея солгать,
    Как лед мои ладони опять,
    Мои законы древнее новой любви,


  • Bow Wow Wow

    Bow Wow..B-Bow Wow...B-B-Bow Wow....B-B-B-Bow Wow Wow Bow Wow..B-Bow Wow...B-B-Bow Wow....BOW WOW WOW B-ow Wow(repeated) I bow wow wow yippy-o yippy-a to the funk Punk I put you in my trunk Like a good fella, I`m a good speller Yet I get retarded li...

Krayzie Bone f Bone-Thugs

  • Thug Mentality

    [Chorus] T-H-U-G we be, that`s thug mentality we thuggin, thuggin thuggin that`s the way I chose to live my life T-H-U-G we be, that`s thug mentality we thuggin, thuggin thuggin thuggin till the day I die T-H-U-G we be, that`s thug mentality we ...

Lil Romeo f Lil` D

  • Bobblehead

    [Chorus] I didn`t come to run, I came to make you move Take it to the floor, and act a fool Shake it, shake it, shake it like a bobblehead x2 [Lil Romeo] Girl, Romes in the house and the partys pumpin I`m in the building and now the crowd is jumpin Gi...

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