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Diamond f Big L, Lord Finesse, A.G., Fat

  • 5 Fingas of Death

    Where are you? Hey, there you are! How does it feel to know you only have a few more seconds to live? *gunshot* (Big L - Cut and scratched) [Big L] Check it, I stay jeweled up, pockets swelled up from banks I held up Plenty bitch-ass niggas ...

Somethin` for the People f Tash, Xzibit

  • Issues

    [All] Last call for alcohol The club is almost closed (That`s right) So I need your name and your number (Yo, yo) Before the night is through [Tash] Y`all wanna talk about drinking? I took a drink, took a swallow Left the champagne bottle hollow Passe...

Вика Цыганова

  • Амур-река

    Где-то там вдали над Амур рекой Юность в омуте отражается И черемухи запах неземной В майском воздухе расплывается Там шумит камыш душу трогая Нежным шепотом, плавным шорохом Там горит звезда одинокая Над холодным любимым городом Там плывет туман вдо...

Дмитрий Демин

  • Айну

    Дмитрий Демин

    Мы познакомились с Вами случайно.

    Вас окружала военная тайна.

    Звали Вас Аня, а может быть, Айну.

    Вы сохраняли военную тайну.

    Темный забор, заводска...


  • Aint Got You

    I say blue- you say what Blue - what - blue - what I say blue- you say what Blue - what - blue - what If you think I got it all By the way that Im living Fast money on a roll, Then I think you be mistaken If you think ...

Deep Forest

  • Sweet Lullabye

    Sa ziza zecob dela dalou`a
    Boralea`e borale mi komi oula
    Etawuae`o ela`o coralia wu`aila
    Ilei pandera zel e` tomu pere no mo mai

    AlatawuanК icas imani`u
    Barletas e`e barkia`a
    Pro`e lai e`le a pantou la`...


  • Addicted To Bass

    I got two pale hands up against the window pane
    I`m shaking with the heat of my need again
    It starts in my feet, reverbs up to my brain
    There`s nothing I can do to revert the gain
    I`m looking down to the street below

Canibus f Lisa Stone

  • Aids is Gold, HIV is Platinum

    [Canibus] Yo yo, I just appeared outta nowhere, 1980 was the year Engineered as a biological weapon of warfare Now with this I generate with more fear Even though back then nobody cared and people wasn`t as scared I never used to get so much attention ...

D-12 f Bugz

  • 6 Reasons

    [Proof] You wish that you could bear me black D12 standing back No planning that Def methods, we got a hand in that Whoever run this shit You get a jammed knee cap Make the healthy get sick And your fam handicapped You a fan of rap My clan attack Your ...

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