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Frank Popp Ensemble

  • Hipp Teens Don`t Wear Blue Jeans

    Everybody knows us
    We`re always where it`s at
    Everyone needs us
    Wants to join our gang
    We know how `cause without a thing
    We know where the in-crowd is
    We`re the guys to see you right if you wanna
    Set th...

Jin f Lyfe

  • Cold Outside

    [Jin] It`s like I`ve been waiting my whole life for this For this chance, for y`all to hear me Some things I gotta get off my chest though Just so y`all know Uh, yeah [Verse 1 - Jin] They say only the good die young And wit that said Ain`t don`t get n...

Jin f Twista

  • The Come Thru

    Get high get low thick girls go and shake ya big butt you in the club wit some some worldwide thugs and wherever you see us we gon` kick it, its all love (now I) Get high get low thick girls go and shake ya big butt you in the club wit some some worldw...


  • Лето постой

    Лето постой, остановись Лето назад ко мне вернись Лето постой, не торопись Лето назад ко мне вернись Я вижу небо - бегут по небу облака Там, где лето меня зовет издалека До рассвета ему кричу я - подожди Не уходи Лето постой, остановись Лето назад ко...

Wishful Thinking

  • Hiroshima

    Theres a shadow of man at Hiroshima
    Where he passed the moon
    In a wonderland at Hiroshima
    Beneath the augustmoon
    And the world remember his face
    Remember the place was here
    Fly the metal bird to Hiroshima

Xzibit f Ras Kass

  • Game Face

    [Verse One: Xzibit] I don`t fuck around I`ll break you down in the hours of H All these L.A. Times motherfuckers keepin the pace No need to pull strings things still get done To have you yellin at the top of yo lungs So Xzibit never speak wit a false t...

Jodeci f Tha Dogg Pound

  • Come Up to My Room

    Verse One: Kurupt, Daz I told the bitch I`d cry for you, I`d die for you, I lied to you But getting the pussy is all I tried to do It`s me Kurupt bitch, and i`m a rider, I`ll ride ya roll up beside ya, serve ya dick like an appetizer Tasty as fuck -- ...

Killer Mike f Slimm Calhoun

  • Home of the Brave

    [Big Boi] Yeah Its going all the way down Aquemeni Records, Killer Mike, Slimm Calhoun Just because your wearing a Braves` jersey doesn`t mean we on the same team you playin` on bitch Cool and Dre on the track, run it [Verse 1: Killer Mike] Since last ...

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