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Kingpin Skinny Pimp f Prophet Posse

  • All About Them Prophets

    [D.J. Paul Talking] Ahh yeah, the Prophet Posse in this motherfucker For all you dick eaters, and all you dick beaters For the Nine Triple Six, we reunited motherfucker We finna do this shit like this......

Les Hurlements d`Léo

  • Lame soeur

    Lame Soeur

    Je règle mes comptes
    Rubis sur l’ongle
    Argent comptant
    Ne verse plus d’acompte
    Les sourires, simagrées
    Celles du gosse bien élevé
    Faut oublier
    Je ne me vois pa...


  • Beyond Science

    Science, beyond the limits of science, beyond the laws of men Secret research for the one, now here we are! Day by day working hard, testing stages Creating copies of perfect no-men, we`ve got now all we need to go Our mind is fu...

Валерий Пак

  • Березы

    Стихи Н.Рубцова

    Я люблю, когда шумят березы,

    когда листья падают с берез.

    Слушаю, и набегают слезы

    на глаза, отвыкшие от слез.

    Все очнется в памяти не...

Kim Carnes

  • Bette Davis eyes

    Her hair is Harlow gold, her lips sweet surprise Her hands are never cold, she`s got Bette Davis eyes She`ll turn the music on you, you won`t have to think twice She`s pure as New York snow, she got Bette Davis eyes And she`ll tease you, she`ll uneas...

Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers, Th

  • Be On My Way

    Skies paint brushes on the ground Catching trees and will achieve When I have my side to give Will the eyes understand ??? Please be on my way (*2) Dream got side another day Will you light the sky always Please be on my way (*2) How could I loved y...


  • 100% Tapatios

    Piensa en todo lo que hay aqui
    100% tapatнo es todo lo que tienes que decir

    Piensa en todo lo que hay aqui
    100% tapatнo es todo lo que tienes que decir
    muy orgullosamente

    Siente l...

Bekker Hennie

  • Call Of The Dolphin

    Now is the time, time for a change Towards the light, to rearrange All of our thinking towards a plan, To unite in spirit every woman and man, Think of the children, think of their needs, Love and understanding, the power of being...


  • Edge Of The World

    Sometimes I feel like a twig floating down a stream
    Don`t know where it`s going
    Don`t know what it means
    And that stream always ends up at the sea
    And it`s strange, as this is where I wanna be
    And I know I`ll find t...

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