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Oldfield Mike

  • Altered State

    Who`s gonna get your virgil!
    What`s going on?
    Who`s gonna get your home!
    Where`s your mummy?
    Where`s she gone?
    Who`s gonna get your virgil!
    Who`s that, mummy?
    I don`t know...
    Who`s gonna get your h...


  • Ветер

    Таешь на ладонях
    Незаметно не догонят
    Ты же знаешь, знаешь
    Пульсы - сто ударов
    Ты почувствуй без пожара
    Не устала, не устала

    Называй меня ветер
    Называй меня сердце
    Называй меня воздух

Blue Rodeo

  • 5 Am (A Love Song)

    With every breath we grow further apart
    Sometimes I wish we didn`t know how to talk
    And as we sort out the who said you said
    Who said I said
    I only wish I came a little better prepared

    5 am these things will ...

Del tha Funkee Homosapiens

  • Mistadobalina

    Mistadobalina Mr Bob Dobalina (x4)

    Mistadobalina Mistabobdobalina Mistabobdobalina won`t you quit
    You really make me sick with ya fraudulent behavior
    You`re gonna make me flip and then an army couldn`t save ...


  • 5 Oclock

    Its five oclock in the morning, And I cannot sleep Im looking at you beside me, and Im watching you breathe Baby I touch your face Feel your warmth youre now a part of me I dont know what I would do if you were ever to leave...

Leonard Cohen

  • A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes

    A bunch of lonesome and very quarrelsome heroes
    Were smoking out along the open road;
    The night was very dark and thick between them,
    Each man beneath his ordinary load.

Mark Morrison

  • Return of the mack

    Ooooh, come on. Ooh yeah.

    Well, I tried to tell you so (Yes, I did),
    But I guess you didn`t know,
    As the saddest story goes,
    Baby, now I got the flow.
    `Cause I knew it from the start,
    Baby, when you bro...

Peaches and Herb

  • Close Your Eyes

    Close your eyes (close your eyes), take a deep breathe (ahhh!)
    Open your heart (open your heart), and whisper
    I love you, I love you,
    Tell me you love me, tell me you love me,
    You love me, You love me.

    Hold m...

Da Brat

  • Ain`t No Thang

    Yo, puttin` down, definition Breakin` motherfuckers off proper like And all y`all motherfuckers know what I mean [Hook] (Ain`t no thang, ain`t no thang) Puttin` it down puttin` it down ain`t no thang to me (Ain`t no thang, ain`t no thang) For me to kn...

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