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Marc Seaberg

  • California Gold

    Something`s in the air Mister Sotter be aware Marshall say there`s something he found glitter from the sky was the dream in his eye something`s out there deep in the ground.


  • Blue Moon

    Blue Moon You saw me standing alone Without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own Blue Moon You know just what I was there for You heard me saying a prayer for Someone I really could care for And then there suddenly appeare...

Marco Bryant

  • Before and After

    Do you wanna be loved by me? Gurl I`ll give you anything that you need. Just say the words..I`ll be there for you. I would offer you my heart but its already yurs. (Chor.) I LOVE YOU... I ALWAYS WILL... I LOVE YOU...

Marco Masini

  • A Cosa Pensi

    Da sola chiusa in una stanza cammina l`anima su e gi hai perso la speranza e non parliamo pi e ti vergogni a tirar fuori il tuo veleno anche con me ed ogni giorno muori e allora muoio come te.

Башаков бэнд

  • Somebody

    Это было так давно Где-то в Ленинграде Пел парнишка молодой По имени Somebody О большой простой любви Пелось в той балладе Я скорей писать слова У себя в тетради Все наполнилось его Голосом звенящим Это было так давно, Было настоящим Может пел нестройн...

Apollo 440

  • Ain`t talkin` `bout dub

    Let`s go back to the rock
    Go back to the rock
    And see it at fourforty

    Ain`t talkin` `bout dub
    Ain`t talkin` `bout dub
    Ain`t talkin` `bout dub

    Rocker to rocker, raver to raver
    Turn up the ba...


  • Battersea

    How it is
    It`s all over
    Gotta get over it
    Memories full of chocolate
    Gotta get over it
    Your world seems different than mine
    Gotta get over it
    I gotta f...

Jaci Velasquez

  • Adore

    From the moment you opened my eyes I have seen the world in a different light From the dawn to the setting sun I am overwhelmed By all that you have done Chorus: Adore, adore, adore Jesus I adore you, Yes I adore, Adore...


  • Возвращение в никуда

    Может, Эра Тьмы снова настала?
    Суждено ли Нам опять прикоснуться
    к черному Пламени прошлого?

    Как Ручей к ночному берегу,
    течет Туман, обласканный теменью.

    Небеса истекают кровью
    сквозь свет Луны!...

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