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Leon Redbone

  • Elf Soundtrack

    [zooey deschanel - (leon redbone)]

    I really can`t stay - (But baby it`s cold outside)
    I`ve got to go `way - (But baby it`s cold outside)
    This evening has been - (Been hoping that you`d drop in)
    So very nice - (I`ll...

Twist Of Fate

  • The Way It Is

    I watch the big hand of the clock I need no drink to forget what Ive never seen and I never thought and all the people I met cant catch the cockroach on my desk and i cant reach you.

Twista and Drag-On

  • Twisted Heat

    Swizz Beatz: We know y`all out to drink `til y`all throw up We know y`all sittin` on 20`s We know y`all reppin` your hood But how many y`all KILL!!! [Twista] Bounce that ass, load them cribs, let me see the mobbin` niggaz ...

Twista and The Speedknot Mobstaz

  • Crook County (B.O.N.E. Crusher Mix)

    [Liffy Stokes] In the Chi it`s kill or be killed hussle or die You gotsta take the pie momma didn`t lie Look in my eyes you see the realness The nine makes you feel this The pain that I`m going through `til I`m sitting on mil...

Bear Vs. Shark

  • Bloodgiver

    Tire this wrecking ball on jagged line been waking morning a self defense machine to keep me up for the time being produce the presses, omit the signs it can be read in the morning paper the first great step in the experiment to c...

Sugar and The Lollipops

  • Dancing Dynamo

    Wriggle like a snake you can`t get away Make you move like you never did before. I`m gonna make you Shout an` there ain`t no way out come and join me now an` I`ll show you how.

Sugar Babes

  • Here I Go (falling In Love Again)

    (S. Theard-K. Spencer) i swore i`d never get involed said i`d never ever fall in love cause it hurt me once before... wouldn`t hurt me anymore since the times have changed it`s different now hypnotized by you and wondering how...


  • Белый снег

    Белый снег, Ты попал, Улыбнись-это зима, у неё сто причин, Не успеть,вернуться туда, За метелью,словно мчиться, Одинокой полосою, Одному тебе известно, Что сейчас со мной.


  • Она Одна

    Спит девчонка одна
    И ей снится, что не хочет
    Быть ему лишь верна
    Вот что сниться ей этой ночью

    Она не хочет
    Этой ночью

    И разорваны в хлам
    Все надежды и сомненья
    Целый мир пополам

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