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Emma Roberts

  • Dummy

    I couldn`t catch a ride, I tried so I was walking
    Started waiting when you called to tell me you
    were flaking out again
    I only had a buck not enough to get a latte
    So I sat down at a table and I thought about you inst...


  • Wilkommen Im Nichts

    Wir sind so schцn
    Wir sind so jung
    Unendlich geil
    Wir sind so dumm
    Wir sind verwцhnt
    und elegant
    Wir sind brutal
    und doch charmant
    Wir sind so hip
    Wir sind so cool
    Ein bisschen bi


  • Beyond Gray Skies

    Far away Another place Beyond the stars Beyond the sun In my dreams I have seen the colours In my dreams A forgotten world If you feel The way I do If you`ve seen Through my eyes Don`t betray Me now I have come here Only for you ...


  • How Bizarre

    Brother Pele`s in the back, sweet Zina`s in the front Cruisin` down the freeway in the hot, hot sun Suddenly red-blue lights flash us from behind Loud voice booming, Please step out onto the line Pele preaches words of comfort, Zina just hides her eyes...

Ben Lee

  • 10 Ft Tall

    Im ten feet tall today Im higher than a kite I sidle up beside Awake for five days and five nights Ive got a glow today For everyone I know It hurts to watch me glow Im blind so watch me grow I hit the ground and Im do...


  • An Imagined Affair

    A sky as black as regret
    Is rolling aside for the blue
    Impossible face to forget
    These feelings belong in a zoo

    She brings the morning
    She brings the morning sun

    So lost in the sound of her...

Kylie Minogue feat. Keith Washington

  • If You Were With Me Now

    [* Keith singing] [+ both Kylie and Keith singing] [1:] *Without you standing by my side *Love and good fortune passes me by And you were my guiding light It seemed so easy +When we said goodbye +How different would the world be now If only we had wo...

Outsiderz 4 Life

  • Not Enough

    Not enough, not enough, not enough baby Notah not enough time [Verse1] You`re something special girl you know Plus you`re blowing my mind Baby I wish there was a little more time Like 48 hours in a day Maybe then I can love you my way [Chorus] Not e...

Sweet Sensation

  • Hooked On You

    I can`t explain what I`m going through Wish I could find the right words to say Losing control and its over you Nobody else could make me feel this way Could it just be that i`m curious And I want to make you play my game Bu...

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