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  • 6 Meter 90

    Niemals wird es wieder so werden wie es war
    und deshalb nehm` ich meinen Stift und markier mir dieses Jahr
    in meinem Tagebuch mit einem schwarzen Rand.
    Alles begann damit, daß Take That aus den Bravo-Charts verschwand.

Irish Rovers

  • Bridget Flynn

    I`ve a nice little house and a cow yard too with grass. I`ve a plant garden running by the door.

Justin Timberlake

  • (And She Said) Take Me Now

    Featuring Janet Jackson Uh... Uh... Uh... What you waiting for? I know you`re watching me Hey boy, come on and take me now What you waiting for? I know you`re watching me Hey boy, come on and take me now Can I talk to you for ...

Paul Weller

  • 5th Season

    A storm is raging inside my head The wind is howling such thoughts of death Why am I so lost and confused? Cant find the reason for feeling blue Theres so much I cant explain Hope this season changes soon .


  • 7 Year Bitch

    You`re going round the circle through another phase. Your temperature rising you`re wining and dining A girl who`s half your age.

Dubee a.k.a. Sugawolf Pimp

  • ABC`s, 123`s

    Yeah though, it`s your playa potna with some game lacin` for you Chorus [2x] ABC`s 123`s Serve it on a platter, don`t matter how freaky it seems Nigga`s brain and keep they status ?????? Cause they might come fuck with you but never with your boy Fi...

Sticky Fingaz f Geneveese, X-1

  • Just Like Us

    This is as close you gon` get to the streets without gettin shot [Chorus] In the streets Cock guns and bust yo` heat In the streets Where we live and die for beef In the streets Hos`ll set you up, get blood on your sheets In the streets By any means w...

Dyablo f Mentes Criminales

  • Solo Recuerda

    [Verse One: Dyablo] El Profeta... Quien ha llegado a ser cabron que siempre representa? Soy Mexicano, soy azteca yo soy El Profeta Te quebro las patas, y luego las manos, los dedos si tu te me enfrentas En silla de ruedas, en ves de estar muerto, queda...


  • Black Swampy Water

    Oh yeah Uh back in the wood Where it`s good And the days are yellow Well I saw me a child She was wild Like a lady going all out Dark as the night She was ripe For a little conversation So I pulled her right in And she said She h...

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