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Beatles Revival Band, The

  • Ausflipper (Day Tripper)

    Hab` meine Gründe
    weshalb ich jetzt nachhauen muss.
    Hab` meine Gründe
    weshalb ich jetzt nachhauen muss
    Sie is` `n Ausflipper
    kennt nur einen Weg.
    Ich brauche zu lang zu versteh`n
    was ich seh`.<...


  • Devil Woman

    She`ll slide you in and taste your sin
    She slowly gets inside your head
    You feel her take control and she`ll steal your soul
    she`s the devil lying in your bed

    She`s the lord of your thighs and it`s no surprise


  • Battlestations

    You try my patience
    Your tongue - it`s like a razor
    You choose your words like weapons
    Here we go - Battlestations

    I never have the guts to let you look inside
    I don`t think you`d appreciate the things t...

Krayzie Bone f LaReece

  • If They Only Knew

    [Krayzie - 4x] He did (he did) ya wrong [Chorus] Hey girlfriend, if someone told your boyfriend, ohhh, uh, uh, uh, uh If they told him, what me and you be doin Somebody`s gonna be in trouble (gonna be in trouble) [Krayzie] (???) we be kickin it like ...

Ice Ages

  • Heartbeat

    Here my heart; my heartbeat is your time Feel this trembling sound, take care don`t let it plunge you into misery Dreadful dreams will be your home divine In your narrow mind, a torturous path will lead you to your enemy Min...

Krayzie Bone f Asu, K-Mont, LaReece

  • If You a Thug

    (Chorus 4x) Clap your hands thug niggas jam hard clap your hands thug niggas clap your hands (LaReece) If you a thug nigga what, you poppin slugs at snitch niggas you aint playing, shit you`s a halt about your figgas if you thug,forever rollin on dubs...

Brother Alaska

  • Anarchy

    I don`t give a fuck about the MrK, I don`t give a fuck about the MrH, I don`t give a fuck about the MrE, I don`t give a fuck about the government, Cause I wanna be in anarchy, Anarchy, Anarchy, War against society, Anarchy, Anarch...

Vanishing Point

  • Blind

    Look beyond the mirrors reflections Journey past walls, that encage the right to be free There`s always someone watching Transcend high Obtain a better view from above Through the looking glass I see Traces of lost centuries Stil...

Brother Beyond

  • He Ain`t No Competition

    He may have got you now But he ain`t won your heart completely He tries to put me down But that`s just jealousy.

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