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One King Down

  • Absolve

    Torn to shred in agony Your words pierced me This is my therapy You cannot imagine this pain within myself I drown in shards My soul is glass A child shatters and falls to the ground just another number to sweep away and forget I can never forget I can...

Opposing Perfection

  • Another Day

    beep beep beep time tp get put pf bed start the day out fresh and full of dread take a hot shower chow down some cereal did you ever think is this life real? get into the car and start to drive away its off to work same thing, different day dont spi...

Korn f Ice Cube

  • Children of the Korn

    (I)- Ice Cube (J)- Jonathan Davis from KoRn (I)- Attention all parents, report to your local therapist report to your local Church, report to your local Police Department i`ts going down...

White Dawg

  • All In My Gold Grill

    [White Dawg] Now I remember when I ain`t had no ends had no blades had no Benz no royal checks no women to sex no gold Rolex no big body Lex now I`m a baller big money playa you see me in the limousine navigator sipping Don P it`s kind of funny how all...


  • Speechless

    Speechless Oooh yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah Tragic, completely When the one you love keeps runnin games with your heart I feel the static, inside me Should I stay, should I go, I don`t know where to start Coz baby you and...

Dubaldo Marie Claire

  • A Woman`s Love

    A WOMAN`S LOVE (Marie Claire D`Ubaldo) No matter what you say or do a woman`s gonna have a hold on you it could be your sister or your lover but in her arms she`ll hold you like a mother but don`t try to pull her under cause you w...


  • Любовь одна, Любовь едина

    Любовь одна, Любовь едина

    Любовь одна, любовь едина
    Никто не ищет в ней вину
    И не пойму, зачем причина
    Чтобы любить тебя одну

    Твой облик для меня икона,
    Перед которой я молюсь
    И нет запрет...

Keith Murray f Man Child

  • Child of the Streets

    Yo, the fruit don`t fall far from the tree Yeah, uh [VERSE 1] (Keith Murray) My grandfather use to tell me This place ain`t got nothing to offer you Don`t you see all the changes everybody going through This family got problems and they do too But eve...

Dube Lucky

  • House Of Exile

    Freedom fighter standing on a montain in a foreign country Trying to send a massage To his people, back in the ghetto He had a home one time L...

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