Where Do You Run — текст песни (D-SIDE)

Standing at the station

Waiting for the train

I still can`t believe today

You`re leaving me again

One man does the cross word

And tries to pass the time

I would do the same thing

If I had mine


Where do you run

When you run away from me

Where is the sun now summer`s gone

Where do you run

Where do you go to be alone

Where do you run

Baby please come home

Don`t you know it hurts me

When you leave this way

All that`s left are angry words

I wish I didn`t say,

You`re a moving target

That I couldn`t hit

You`re the face that makes me cry

Girl I`ve missed it


Standing at the station

Waiting for you to return

And I know by tonight

I`ll b alright

I know one thing for sure

I need you more


[Thanks to babygirl4eva7@hotmail.com for these lyrics]

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