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  • 187um (Deep Cover Remix)

    Artist: Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg*I can feel it* Chorus: Dr. Dre (Snoop Doggy Dogg) Yeah, and you don`t stop (it`s still 1-8-7 on a motherfuckin cop) Yeah, and you don`t stop (cause it`s 1-8-7 on a motherfuckin cop) Ve...

Warren G f El DeBarge, Val Young

  • G-Spot

    [Warren G] I`m the illest, what? I`m the illest, Warren G, uh yeah I`m the illest, the illest you`ve ever seen Haha check this shit out do` Peep game, look, hmm She used to tell me that she loved me all the time I turned to her, and say that I`m infat...

Stacey Kent

  • A Fine Romance

    Lyrics: dorothy fields music: jerome kern A fine romance, with no kisses A fine romance, my friend this is We should be like a couple of hot tomatoes But youre as cold as yesterdays mashed potatoes A fine romance, you wont ...

One Hand Clappers

  • Cancer

    You keep talking but no one listens You keep walking to find your mission You go the universe inside your mind You keep searching but your moribund You keep think thinking you`re the only one That hasn`t found a corner in the sun What do you do to beli...

Mink De Ville

  • Each Word`s A Beat Of My Heart

    Look`s like a blue blue day Only wish that I could say That this is rain in my eyes. I only wish I could find the words To say just how I feel To say just how I feel inside.

Minnie Riperton

  • Adventures in Paradise

    (m. riperton j. sample r. rudolph) I believe any dream that I want to That aint the only way of keeping hope alive And if by chance I give birth to my visions Life is so fantastic it will come as no surprise cause everyd...

Юлия Могилевер, Марк Шмулевич

  • Задачка

    слова: Юлия Могилевер, 1998

    музыка: Марк Шмулевич

    Вот задачка из учебника для второго класса:

    между пунктами А и Б пролегает трасса,

    и по этой трассе, печальнее год от год...

Kid `n Play

  • Ain`t Gonna Hurt Nobody

    awww yeah uh uh feels good (Kid) The time has come to end joy itself I`ve left my problems up on the shelf The work days over and I`ve got it made like Johnny Kemp said I just got paid And I`m ready to mangle young man single and free Ready to get bus...

Wyclef Jean f Small World

  • Hollyhood to Hollywood

    (Small World) Blame, blame, whose dat with you again? (The ride, the ride) Yes black, where`s my jewels at? (Uptown, uptown, uptown, uptown...) (Wyclef Jean) Yo, let`s get back to the hardcore right now Underground hip-hop yo (french singer) Elle a t...

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