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Miles John

  • Music

    Music was my first love And it will be my last Music of the future And music of the past To live without my music Would be impossible to do In this world of troubles My music pulls me through Music was my first love And it will be...


  • Frei sein

    1) Tiefes schwarzes Loch,
    der Eingang ist Frei
    man fdllt in die Tiefe,
    als letztes ein Schrei
    wenn man erwacht, f


King Sun

  • Bang Bang

    (Remember when we used to play bang-bang I shot you down, bang-bang You hit the ground, bang-bang That awful sound, bang-bang I used to shoot you down) --> Stevie Wonder Bang-bang, buck-buck Nigga, what what? Fallin and you can`t get up You`re stuck ...

Webbie f Lil Boosie

  • Full of Dat Shit

    I`m full of dat shit; I`m full of dat shit I`m full of dat shit; I`m full of dat shit I`m full of dat shit; I`m full of dat shit [Webbie] Now if you ever catch me leanin to the side Red eyes in my ride Wit the music up high Bad bitch up on my side Mig...

Miles Robert

  • A New Flower

    Staring at her straight in the eyes... So profoundly, almost able to see, understand something invisible, intangible pure and innocent or simply spontaneous.

Blumenfeld Hugh

  • Blizzard

    There`s a winter storm with my name on it And it`s cutting up the coast On the radar there`s a ghost Clear to the Carolinas It feels like years since December And it seems like more till spring I swear I`ll bear up under anything ...


  • Falter Im Wind

    Bleib` nicht im Wald Schmetterling und verflieg` dich nicht bei Nacht. Falsch ist der Mond sein Schattenspiel in der Dämm`rung ist kein Halt. Bleib` nicht in den Wäldern.

Milk and Honey

  • Halleluja

    Halleluja sing ein Lied Halleluja wir singen es mit. Himmel Land und Meer Nacht und Wind und jeder Morgen der neu beginnt alle stimmen mit uns ein Halleluja. Halleluja Lied der Welt das die Wege des Lebens erhellt.

Faction, The

  • Boredom Awaits

    Life is dull for most of you
    They ram it down your throat and make you chew
    Answers to the questions that bring up fear
    You could care less you`re out of beer
    Nothing to do, you`re going crazy
    You could go to work b...

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