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Spina Bifida

  • Goetterdaemmerung

    The human race existed With the certain supposition That his death as an idividual, His mortal appearance, Was submitted to The immortality Of man as a specie. This changed with the opening Of Pandora`s ox In Worldwar II.

Wyclef Jean f Supreme C, Marie Antoinett

  • Da Cypha

    INTRO: Yo 1, 2, 1, 2 The Clef is back with some adjustments Refugee camp [Turn it up! Turn it up! Turn it up!] Yo, you see them Refugees right there, they goin in the car HOOK: WooWooWooWooWoo Keys they goin in the trunk WooWooWooWooWoo Fiends they do...

Spinal Tap

  • (listen To The) Flower People

    Listen to what the flower people say Aahhh- Listen, it`s getting louder every day Listen, it`s like a bolt out of the blue Aahhh- Listen, it could be calling now for you Chorus: Flower people walk on by Flower people don`t you cry...

Оркестр Зачем

  • Мир лентяям

    [Давай мир лентяям!] Что-то сделать - Не надо меня просить об этом! Ум мой просит Отпуск, и чувствует - где-то лето.

Тайм Аут

  • Где мои винтики!

    Будет нам светить всегда
    Из разбитого гнезда
    Великий Зопух - Сын Куку-у-ушки
    Он пролезет даже в щель
    Это вам не ви-виолончель
    Весь черный он всем веселится полчаса
    Где мои винтики
    Зопух пляшет и поет

Bob Dylan & Guns n`Roses

  • Knockin` on Heaven`s Door

    Intro:u-u-u-h, u-u-u-h...

    1. Mama take this badge from me.
    I can`t use it anymore.
    It`s getting dark, too dark to see.
    Feels like I`m knockin` on heaven`s door.

    Knock, knock, knockin` on h...

Cream, The

  • White Room

    Ah Ah Ah Ah
    Ah Ah Ah Ah

    in a white room with black curtains

    near the stations blackroof country

    no gold pavements
    tired starlings

    silver horses
    run down moonbeams in ...

Hot Pants Road Club

  • Gimme Good Lovin

    oh oh oh no no yeah tell me a secret babe cause all i wanna do is just makin love to u yeah yeah dont need no promises cause i wanna do is just lay down with u (lay down with u) gimme good lovinthats what i want from u gimme goo...

Twilight ophera

  • Blessed To Forget

    It`s underway, your history burns The only tie to tomorrow, and the present... It`s always gone It`s in your spine, your mouth gives birth To the innocent, stillborn, and the rape...

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