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Leaether Strip

  • I Want You Hard

    He feeds off the sun He makes love in the rain Strokes himself with hands of leather Hands of Leather I want you His nail slowly dives Into my skin Pain is spreading through my body Deep within I want you My body shakes I lick the...

The Coral

  • Bill McCai

    Family taught him right from wrong, Local tales and children`s songs, Sunday school was his shelter, With his friends Joe and Walter, Now those days so far away, An empty swing where he once played, Now he`s got so fat and bald, ...

Bryan Adamy

  • Heaven

    oh thinkin` about our younger years
    there was only you and me -
    we were young and wild and free
    now nothin` can take you away from me
    we`ve been down the road before-
    but that`s over now
    you keep me comin` bac...

Selena And Emilio

  • Tъ robaste Mi Corazуn

    Cуmo he llegado a caer aquн contigo
    Entre tus brazos de sed, amor?
    Quй bonito es encontrarte al fin
    Despuйs de tanto tiempo solo
    Cуmo es que todo se ve mejor contigo?
    Cуmo es que nada parece igual?
    No puede se...


  • (your) Nature Is Wild

    (Your nature is wild. I wanna see through you Let`s kiss the world....forget the depression!) I surrender... I surrender... again... I surrender... this land again, ooh I surrender...

Day Of Suffering

  • Condemned To Fire

    The scars of the pain inflicted have healed But we have no forgotten We have not forgotten the rap The exploitation of our brothers and sisters Your path to riches has been built On a road of our blood, sweat and tears Through a d...

Leah Andreone

  • Bow Down

    Written by leah andreone Van gogh lent me his ear Now the picture is clear I can finally hear Girls they grow like weeds Were replaceable beings Just tell her what you told me Overindulge, hit the spot Take too much, tak...


  • Что-то очень личное

    Я хочу научиться жить Только некому меня научить Среди тысячи дорог я одну бы выбрать смог Чтоб судьбу свою изменить Среди тысячи дорог я одну бы выбрать смог Чтоб судьбу свою изменить Я хочу научиться любить И любовь в своём сердце хранить Только где...

Наутилус Помпилиус, Вячеслав Бутусов

  • Абсолютное белое

    я вдыхаю известь и мел
    там где белятся старые стены
    я смотрю на кисть маляра
    сливаюсь я с рекой белизны
    я любуюсь ростом пятна
    забвением и просветлением
    и чем шире откроешь глаза
    тем чаще видятся сны

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