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Killah Priest f The Horsemen

  • Horsemen Talk

    {*horses galloping and neighing*} [Intro: Killah Priest] Yeah, motherfucker [Chorus 1: Killah Priest] This is Horsemen Talk, Horsemen walk Get the fuck out the way before The Horsemen stalk We headless motherfuckers and we lacerate Don`t you know the...

Brooks Garth

  • Callin` Baton Rouge

    (Dennis Linde) I spent last night in the arms Of a girl in Louisiana And though I`m out on the highway My thoughts are still with her Such a strange combination of a woman and a child Such a strange situation stoppin` every hundre...

Mullins, Shawn

  • Changes

    And my time was running wild A million dead-end streets Every time I thought I`d got it made It seems the taste was not so sweet So I turned myself to face me But I`ve never caught a glimpse Of how the others must see the faker I`...

Wu-Syndicate f Napolean

  • Thug War

    [Chorus: Myalansky] Thug war, fights in streets, open the drug store Money is power, give me your`s, we break laws Faggot cats claiming their crooks Soon I`ma smack him up, his mans and them too Yo, bag him up, smack him up Doing this do or die lifesty...


  • Confronting the Devil

    I look as though I`ve died I loathe my life I can`t believe my mind Oh the pain The pictures tell it all Wretchedly depraved Cast reason to the wind Fires all I see The mirror shattering Someone avenge for me The child who died i...

Stonewall Jackson

  • (you`re Right) I Need You Real Bad

    If you think I want to please you if you`re in my arms and squeeze you Do anything but leave you you`re right I need you real bad If you think my heart is yearning for you to be returning If you think the flame`s still burning wel...

Kenn Starr, Asheru and Talib Kweli

  • If

    [Hook 2x] It wasn`t for this, it wasn`t for that Ohh, best believe a better world [Talib Kweli--talking over chorus] Yes, ladies and gentleman You do have Kenn Starr in the house, Asheru Talib Kweli...

Toposun Oglu

  • Karacemsen Gelme (geliyorlar)

    Geliyorlar iste geliyorlar, Cehennemden ckyorlar En basta baban yani iste karacam Geliyorlar,cehennemden ckyorlar Yannda Ceyhun iste oda geliyor Cehennemden ckyor Ooooooo kimleri goruyorum Ihsan geliyor sahsiyetn kaybetmis geliyor...


  • Mon Amour

    Ich hab sie geseh`n in einem Strandcafe sie war wie im Märchen eine schöne Fee.

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