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Conejo f Tattoo Ink

  • Fallen Angel

    [Bugsy] Hey homey Don`t you worry about nada Conejo We`ll be the eyes in the back of your head homey Tattoo Ink homey [Conejo] Come on dog [Bugsy] Sun down [Conejo] I declare war on these vatos Check it out Bugsy, assasinate them all [Bugsy] Sun do...

Despina Vandi

  • Come along now

    Tonight I feel high like never before I found the tune that I was searching for This tune can make my heart beat like a drum I can`t resist the flavor of this chewing gum I need this beat like the earth needs the rain This beating tune quenches my th...

Jeffrey Steele

  • A Girl Like You

    (Jeffrey Steele/Chris Farren) Well,I been through a couple romances And I`ve had a few heartbreaks But when you`re lookin` for a one in a million girl I guess that`s a chance you take You still got to go through the motions Even ...

Mathematics f GZA, Method Man

  • Rush

    [Intro: Method Man] Oh, oh, oh, come on, come on, come on Mutha what? Muthafucka That`s right, all day, all night Come on, get down, yes y`all and To the right beat and you can even dance Or, just have a seating, seating Yo, yo, yo [Method Man] What i...

C-Murder f D.I.G., Master P

  • Too Much Noise

    [Chorus: D.I.G.] Too much noise in my ears to think and not enough liquor in my bottle to drink I`m goin` in the pussy and I hope I don`t stank I`m suffocatin in you baby, I`m startin to sank [D.I.G.] I need some Hennessy with my weed so I can get hig...

Marc Live

  • Cobracan 550

    [Marc Live] UHH! Yeah.. I just got this call from my nigga Jay Mine He say - yo Marc, we way out in this motherfuckin Paris y`knahmsayin I just whipped up some ill shit for you nigga I said - yo I`m on the next plane out, Air France You know, no Boein...

Case f Foxy Brown, Mary J. Blige

  • Nutty Professor Soundtrack

    [Intro] [C] Fox, whassup Fox? [F] What`s up Case, how ya doin` baby? [C] Chillin`, what`s going down? [F] Ain`t nothin`, about to lace this track for ya real quick [C] Ya gonna flow in the joint for me? [F] Hell, yeah on some real live Foxy Brown shit ...

Dougie D f K-Rino

  • Seeds of Reality

    [Hook - 2x] These are the seeds, of reality These are some of the things that you should think bout, when you breathe Who said tomorrow is promised, here for you or for me But if you open your eyes, I garuntee that you will see [Dougie D] The lies tha...

Notorious B.I.G. f Lil` Kim

  • Another

    [Big] Yeah... fuck you [Kim] Fuck you too! [Big] Fuck you bitch [Kim] Fuck you motherfucker [Big] You ain`t shit anyway, fuck you [Kim] You ain`t shit, you fat motherfucker [Big] Yeah, whatever whatever [Kim] Whatevah [Big] You wasn`t sayin that when y...

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