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Cypress Hill f Def Squad Artists, MC Eih

  • Throw Your Hands in the Air

    Intro: Sen Dog Yeah Bust how we gonna bounce off this ninety-five Soul Assassins Cypress Hill joint. Yo we want everybody out there to throw their hands up...

DJ Babu f Al` Tariq, The Beatnuts

  • Duck Season

    [DJ Babu scratches and cuts] Duck Season motherfuckers Duck That`s right, that`s real That`s right, that`s real Intoxicated demons Hustler from the Queens borough it`s Big Psych -> Beatnuts Forever Babu, yeah [Verse 1: Psycho Les] Off the hizzle watch...

Jeffrey Osborne

  • Don`Y You Get So Mad

    Jeffrey Osborne - Don’t You Get So Mad
    (Written by: Jeffrey Osborne, Michael Sembello and Don Freeman)

    We were havin’ such a good time, baby
    Oh, yes, we were
    Then you went and spoiled the whole thing, baby

Kristin Hersh

  • 37 Hours

    By now, I should know where youre going By now I should but I dont Youre better off wherever you are off to Agile or stoned By now, I should wake you when Im hungry Right now I should but Im not We could be a silkworm tigh...

Capone-N-Noreaga, Final Chapter, Iman Th

  • Scarlett, Maze, Musolini

    Typed by: {Final Chapter} Now I`m from Iraq, I got stories to tell What y`all gonna speak on, I keep money saved like it`s rebond Niggas stay at, what they was bout to do Would of done, could of did, niggas really need to qu...

Nas f Kelis

  • American Way

    *Sample* Nas: Political Newscaster: Recently there has been an emergence of socially conscious and political rappers. It seems to be a new trend in the Hip-Hop world.

Skull Dugery f Fiend, Master P

  • If it Don`t Make $$$

    Master P & (Skull) talking: Whut`s up Skull Duggery boy (whut`s up P dawg) let`s go head & break This bread(No Limit style) Skull, Fiend, & me(No Limit) Ughh Chorus: [Master P]&(Skull) [If it don`t make dollas] (then it don`t make sense) 8x [Fiend] I...

C-Murder f Krazy, Suga Bear

  • Thug in Yo Life

    [C-Murder] ***Every soldier need a thug, and every thug need a soldierette. See me, I`m a tru playa ya heard me Chorus: Suga Bear (C-Murder) And I don`t wanna kiss and hug you, All I really wanna do is love you Thug girl (You need a thug in your lif...

Conejo f Tattoo Ink

  • Fallen Angel

    [Bugsy] Hey homey Don`t you worry about nada Conejo We`ll be the eyes in the back of your head homey Tattoo Ink homey [Conejo] Come on dog [Bugsy] Sun down [Conejo] I declare war on these vatos Check it out Bugsy, assasinate them all [Bugsy] Sun do...

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