Scarlett, Maze, Musolini — текст песни (Capone-N-Noreaga, Final Chapter, Iman Th)

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{Final Chapter}
Now I`m from Iraq, I got stories to tell
What y`all gonna speak on, I keep money saved like it`s rebond
Niggas stay at, what they was bout to do
Would of done, could of did, niggas really need to quit it kid
Stay at home with pepper spray, think he can drop weight
Put us on your album, you be selling like cop cakes
Got crackers in the hood, ain`t hard to spot jakes
And whoever going first, forever the dot face

Aiyo it take a real bitch, to roll with real niggas
M.U. niggas, thugged out niggas
Meet them in a club and they got the gat niggas
Step outside and it`s what what niggas
Ya`ll pretty boy niggas, straight punk niggas
I can`t fuck with y`all, cuz I like rough niggas
It`s Scarlett, boy, I got to have dough nigga

Chorus: Noreaga
Yo it`s thugged out niggas (what) 15X

Marilyn Manson, thug nigga imagine me dancing
Not, I spend a quarter rain then sell it equive with no payments
96R`s my number, never disregard the hunger
Shit we scarred, felony to charge us under
This foul off, wild southpaw, I bound for Muse
Maze, Scarlett, Joey Mob and the bridge crackers
It`s logic, niggas digest
Murderous sidesteps, QBC, The Heist nigga what?

{Iman Thug}
Aiyo we stay low, shine like chrome on 20 inches
Never sober, high all day, every leaches
Lawyers, judges can`t dispute this shit
Cuz if ya hit, then ya hit nigga, fuck that shit
Extraordinary shit, flow style I abuse
Pop dog to the yard, While I stab ya dude
Live fucked up, stuck with body and head wounds
I be the thug chocolate, covered with chad shrooms


Now when you think of me, you think of my niggas
Spread across like how spilled drinks is
You hears wild like echoes from a distance
Ya learn the hard way, get blazed for smart say
Scarlett, rippin niggas buck 50 yard race
Never did a bid, but my ace who did
Went from ballin to callin the crib out the bink shit
We live, kids I run with, guns a felony
Sing sing, y`all get arrested and sing for rest in peace

Guns-N-Roses, comin up livin life hopeless
Trying to keep my focus, most of my fam smokers
Hit chocha, chicks that loca, deep throater
Y`all niggas better caliete la boca
Shit done changed, like the price of cane
And shit gon` changed, when my niggas smash the game
Get brain from ya dame, but the cash I came
Ya motherfuckers better stay in your lane
And start movin, but never start shootin Motherfuckers


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