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  • Flip it Over

    [Verse 1] Now you been backin it up for a minute baby And it ain`t nothin wrong with that when you reverse and put a cap And it`s damn sure fact girl, I know it`s what it went Turn around let me see that front, now that`s a rabbit in a hat I`m gone, aw...

Silkk the Shocker f Fiend, Master P

  • If I Don`t Gotta

    [Silkk & Master P talking] Yo, P was happening dog Ah man, it`s still a dross you know, but the game then change these youngstas than made it bad, you know we all about our paper but some of these fools just make and take murder.

Cypress Hill f Def Squad Artists, MC Eih

  • Throw Your Hands in the Air

    Intro: Sen Dog Yeah Bust how we gonna bounce off this ninety-five Soul Assassins Cypress Hill joint. Yo we want everybody out there to throw their hands up...

DJ Babu f Al` Tariq, The Beatnuts

  • Duck Season

    [DJ Babu scratches and cuts] Duck Season motherfuckers Duck That`s right, that`s real That`s right, that`s real Intoxicated demons Hustler from the Queens borough it`s Big Psych -> Beatnuts Forever Babu, yeah [Verse 1: Psycho Les] Off the hizzle watch...

Jeffrey Osborne

  • Don`Y You Get So Mad

    Jeffrey Osborne - Don’t You Get So Mad
    (Written by: Jeffrey Osborne, Michael Sembello and Don Freeman)

    We were havin’ such a good time, baby
    Oh, yes, we were
    Then you went and spoiled the whole thing, baby

Kristin Hersh

  • 37 Hours

    By now, I should know where youre going By now I should but I dont Youre better off wherever you are off to Agile or stoned By now, I should wake you when Im hungry Right now I should but Im not We could be a silkworm tigh...

Capone-N-Noreaga, Final Chapter, Iman Th

  • Scarlett, Maze, Musolini

    Typed by: {Final Chapter} Now I`m from Iraq, I got stories to tell What y`all gonna speak on, I keep money saved like it`s rebond Niggas stay at, what they was bout to do Would of done, could of did, niggas really need to qu...

Nas f Kelis

  • American Way

    *Sample* Nas: Political Newscaster: Recently there has been an emergence of socially conscious and political rappers. It seems to be a new trend in the Hip-Hop world.

Skull Dugery f Fiend, Master P

  • If it Don`t Make $$$

    Master P & (Skull) talking: Whut`s up Skull Duggery boy (whut`s up P dawg) let`s go head & break This bread(No Limit style) Skull, Fiend, & me(No Limit) Ughh Chorus: [Master P]&(Skull) [If it don`t make dollas] (then it don`t make sense) 8x [Fiend] I...

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