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Sonny Bono

  • Laugh At Me

    Why can`t I, be like any guy? Why do they try to make me run? Son of a gun, now.

Sonny Boy Williamson I

  • Alcohol Blues

    Alcohol Blues Track#16 2:46 Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee) (John Lee Williamson) Chicago, September 19, 1947 with Eddie Boyd - piano, Willie Lacey - guitar Ransom Knowling - sb, Judge Riley - drums Album Complete Reco...


  • Bloodshed Rain

    when the sky falls down upon us and heaven burns in hell then life will hold no meaning in the shadow of the sun my sadness is my slavery that binds us to our fate machines to erase our history lead to a sealed shut gate the b...

Danny De Munk

  • Ik Voel Me Zo Verdomd Alleen

    Krijg toch allemaal de kelere
    Val voor mijn part allemaal dood
    Ik heb geen zin om braaf te leren
    Ik eindig toch wel in de goot
    Kinderen willen niet met me spelen
    Noemen me `Rat`, en kijken me na
    De enige, die ...

hammill peter

  • A Louse Is Not A Home

    Sometimes it`s very scary here; sometimes it`s very sad; sometimes I think I`ll disappear; betimes I think I have.

Meredith Edwards

  • A Beautiful Mess

    (Bob Regan/Tony Martin) My life could not be better My life is a total wreck Can`t string two thoughts together But I can write a love song in my head One minute I`m strong and fearless Like a modern day Joan Of Arc Next thing I`...

Юрий Левитанский, Вадим Мищук

  • Дело идет к холодам

    Стихи Юрия Левитанского

    Музыка Вадима Мищука

    Я весть о себе не подам,

    И ты мне навстречу не выйдешь.

    Но дело идет к холодам,

    И ты это скоро увидишь.


Dj Jurgen

  • Higher & higher

    Move a little closer baby
    Dancing up close and personal
    Move your hands all over my body
    Taking it step by step

    Higher and higher
    Higher and higher

    Move a little closer baby
    Dancing ...

II Sicc f Andre Nickatina (Dre Dog), Equ

  • Talez From the Sicc

    (equipto) (chorus) Yeah...talez from the sicc Got equipto, dre dog mac-10 and my partna j-lo These are the talez the talez from the sicc These are the talez we spit when we lit These are the talez the talez that w...

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