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U.S. Bombs

  • Billy Club

    billy club wears a uniform his dream job`s to be a cop his hero was g.i. joe loved to change his clothes boy scout blues to screw banaroos to code of silence hand of the law has got control guilty of innocence i`m a compund fractu...

Wamdue Project

  • King of my castle

    Ahahum - Ahahum Chorus Must be the reason why I`m king of my castle Must be the reason why I`m freeing my trapped soul Must be the reason why I`m king of my castle Must be a reason why I`m making examples of you Must be - a reason - why I`m king of.....

Disco Tex and His Sex O Letters

  • Get Dancin`

    Du Du Du Du Yeah Yeah Get Dancin` Du Du Du Get Dancin` Here comes D.J. Disco-Tex Truckin` with his Sex-O-Lettes Get Dancin` Guaranteed to rock the boat machine gun rap `n` locomote Get Dancin` Dancin` get dancin` Dancin` get da...


  • Folding

    i`m folding my curtains are pulled down tight cursing back at my life i`m folding i`m folding deaf, dumb, and screwed up blind the salted tears are flooding my eyes i`m folding i`m folding the ringing in my ears covers the silence...


  • Black And White Can`t Capture Red And Bl

    for a minute you force contentment you make me like me like i am like i could walk in place forever it would make things more comfortable for you for you for you in comes oxidation with any mention i catch that wind of radiation ...

INOJ f Lil Jon, Thrill Da Playa

  • Time After Time (Remix)

    [Thrill] Dat right, pull it up one time We gettin` ready to get this main pumped (ha ha) INOJ and 69 Bite up, bite, bite up, bite That pulla joint, huh See, it ain`t no thang, you feel me shorty? I know you be going through it what not with your man Bo...

Юрий (Георгий) Аделунг

  • Адреса подальше убери от соблазна...

    Юрий (Георгий) Аделунг

    Адреса подальше убери от соблазна.

    Троп звериных зыбкий лабиринт непролазный

    И не стоит сердце убеждать

    В том, что завтра будет всё иначе.



  • A Legend Reborn

    Youve been fighting for much to long You saw the future and what to come Restless spirits out on the run, Among the shadows of the sun You are the rising resistance now We´ve come to show you a way somehow Beyond the...

Sonny Black and Frank White

  • Boss

    (Bushido) Ich denke mit dem Mic schreib es auf ein Blatt Schick mir den Termin per SMS und ich komm und zieh euch ab Es sind meine Strassen und ich drehe krumme Dinger den Ich scheiГџ auf alles weil ich will Kohle wie Timberland ...

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