Clap and Cough — текст песни (Discount)

it`s raining on the other side of these walls. the thunder reminds us of the times we hoped for nothing but storms and creepy fishing boats to sink. we wave sometimes to pretend that nothing is changing. but you`ve gone on and i`ve gone off to get lost and devistated. the lightning is lighting up the land. the bright light reminds me that my night life is crumbling when the pitch black begins to lose its pitch. but devistation is not the same thing as disaster. one`s all smiles, one`s all laughter. top it off. clap and cough. feel the rough. this is the little stuff. trees are snapping. trash is slapping my windows. i`m mapping out the stuff that the wind blows. he`s blowing kisses. she`s making fists. he`s sinking boats. it`s sinking in. she knows that things are changing.

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