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  • Aerie

    Call ages of extortion Hail champions of conversion Sail mountain ridge and ocean Fall pounce on every portion Rule demon over supplier More ravenous extraction Your indigenceour surfeit Tool scoffing democration Claws All over ...

Mercy Dee Walton

  • One Room Country Shack

    One Room Country Shack 2:49 Mercy Dee Walton (Mercy Dee Walton) Specialty #458 Recorded May 13, 1952 Transcriber: Awcantor@aol.com Sittin` here a thousand miles from nowhere In this one room country little shack Sittin...


  • Addiction

    AWAKE, AWAKE, AWAKE, AWAKE satisfies my needs of inner harmony pulls me up and down the only friend of mine to handle what`s inside what`s inside! ADDICTION seeking - stunning my pain...

The Smashing Pumpkins

  • Age Of Innocence

    We dismiss the backroads And ride the streets unafraid Resort to scraping pain From our bones unashamed No more the eye upon you No more the simple bane Desolation yes hesitation no Desolation yes


Михаил Веретенников, Алексей Юрзанов

Les Miserables Soundtrack

  • A Heart Full Of Love

    A heart full of love
    A heart full of song
    I`m doing everything all wrong
    Oh God, for shame
    I do not even know your name
    Dear mademoiselle
    Won`t you say?
    Will you tell?


Black Train Jack

  • Alright Then

    More positive construction No more destruction Don`t want it anymore We need an understanding A real true understanding Not a silent war I remember way back when Things were alright then I had a certain special friend Things were ...

Юрий Левитанский, Павел Матвейко

  • Музыка

    Стихи Юрия Левитанского

    Музыка Павла Матвейко

    Музыка, свет неближний,

    дождь, на воде круги.

    Музыка, третий лишний,

    что же ты, ну, беги!


hamburger josh

  • i love rudy

    I love Rudy song is in standard tuning. This song is in 4:4 time sig. ********************************************************************* |play this song by strumming the g for 4 counts then the d and c for| |two counts each.

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