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Sheller William

  • Un Homme Heureux

    Pourquoi les gens qui s`aiment Sont-ils toujours un peu les mmes Ils ont quand ils s`en viennent Le mme regard d`un seul dsir pour deux Ce sont des gens heureux Pourquoi les gens qui s`aiment Sont-ils toujours un peu les mmes Quan...


  • Annihilation Of Civilization

    Christian mind control, brainwashing innocent souls,
    Teaching their own twisted fears,
    Baptism is final, confirming denial, of the reality
    We must deal with today,
    No one on this Earth can save us from this hell,

Shelley Pete

  • (millions Of People) No One Like You

    Stupid things keep on happening Every single day When I fall in love It slips away Finding out was so hard to take There`s no reason why When I phoned you up You said goodbye You say love`s dead and gone I just carry on What else ...

Baz Luhrman

  • Everybody`s free (to wear sunscreen)

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of `97, Wear sunscreenIf I
    could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would
    be it.The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by
    scientists, whereas the rest of my advic...


  • Apocalyptic Armageddon

    Music: SchulmanLyrics: Schulman

    The triumph of death
    Like a spell of mayhem it prevails
    Sent to destroy
    The Holy sacred feeble light
    Devastating warlust
    Follow the crusade against life
    A violent k...


  • Chime The Centuries` End

    A majestic sight of everlasting reign Behold the rise of December`s frozen kingdom Reddest of the skies welcome the angel of sorrow the tower chimes the centuries end I awaken to the eclipse of the blackest nights moon Come forth ...

Noise Therapy

  • 1,2,3,4,

    Wasted, I can taste it tank is almost full dont wanna waste it Flying, feeling so alive and making me crazy but its still never enough for me 1,2,3,4, i was pushing 1,2,3,4, never stoping 1,2,3,4, taking over 1,2,3,4, take it back Shattered, nothing...


  • 2 O`Clock

    i wanna do a million things and some of them tonight i wanna be a billion places i guess i`m looking for a light i`m gonna lose my head i`m going down i`m gonna lose the man i am nothing remains i speak against the wall nothing co...

Johnny Clegg and Savuka

  • Bombs Away

    It was a day or so ago I saw him run into the night And on his face, more than a trace Of wild fear in the eye He was haunted by a tragic dream Of people in death machines And he did not know which side he was on And he hated bei...

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