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The Romantics

  • Talking In Your Sleep

    When you close your eyes and you go to sleep And it`s down to the sound of a heartbeat. I can hear the things that you`re dreaming about When you open up your heart and the truth comes out.

The Ronettes

  • Be My Baby

    The night we met I knew I needed you so And if I had the chance I`d never let you go So won`t you say you love me I`ll make you so proud of me We`ll make `em turn their heads Every place we go So won`t you please Be my lit...

Solid Harmony

  • Fantasy

    Every night I look at the stars Trying to make a wish from my heart Knowing that the one for me is in my reach I close my eyes and I fantasize about you Chorus: I reach for you - so tenderly you reach for me One look into your ey...

The Roots

  • 100% Dundee

    One one one one two P-P-5-D Yeah, yeah, P-P-5-D I`m sayin, yo Touch this yo, knahmsayin what? Yo-yo, yo, 100%..

Black Eyed Peas, The

  • A8



    Yo son, whatcha think about those peas, though?

    Yo, yo, i don`t know, them dudes just be on stage, dancin and stuff...

    They on s...

Hi-Tek f Cormega, Jonell

  • All I Need is You

    [Cormega] Yo Tek whattup with them niggaz in Cincinatti? {*celly rings*} Word? I gotta come out there son {*ringing*} hold on one second [C] Yo [J] Hey [C] Whassup? [J] Chillin [C] Whaat? [J] Workin? [C] Yeah..

II Tru f Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone

  • So High

    [Krayzie] Roll another one Roll another one Roll another one Pass the blunt We be fiendin` for sticky weed, man...


  • Holla Feat. Maria

    Holla [CHORES] (Solid) Hey mami, I wanna holla (Maria) Ha ha, no way papi (Solid) Why not you lookin like my new baby mamma (Maria) You wish, Papi (Solid) I`m young, rich and I`m thuggin It down.


  • Breakout

    Boy, I`ve been watching your move You`ve been lying to me from the start Boy, you`ve been treating me bad I can take it, take it no more You caused this broken heart.

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