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Cohl Mlanie

  • Dis Oui

    Viens Si tu es fatigu du vide de tes amours Si tu ne crois plus aux jamais ni aux toujours Si tu veux t`arrter juste pour souffler un peu Si tu crois qu`on peut tre heureux Viens Si tu n`en peux plus d`tre l concourir Moi je veux...


  • Blood From The Air

    A sleeping explorer his wandering mind crossed over the border a mind like a cemetery where the corpses are turning where the bodies twist deep in the frozen grip of a dreamless sleep then the lowest comes up like a wreck from the...

Френсис Гойя

  • Беловежская Пуща

    Заповедный напев, заповедная даль. Свет хрустальной зари, свет, над миром встающий. Мне понятна твоя вековая печаль, Беловежская пуща, Беловежская пуща. Здесь забытый давно наш родительский кров.

Abigail Mead & Nigel Goulding

  • Full Metall Jacket

    Left right left right left right left
    I love working for uncle Sam - I love working for uncle Sam
    Let`s me know iust who I am - let`s me know just who I am
    1 2 3 4 United States Marine Corps -
    1 2 3 4 United States Marine...

Güsch Patti

  • Cul Cul Clan

    Un melange mou
    comme un sortilege

    Ca derange tout pour faire leur manege.
    Tremper son pain blanc dans un petit noir

    Ca degage le sang
    ca rend la memoire!

    la moralite blanche

Vico Torriani

  • Addio Donna Grazia

    Addio Donna Grazia und war es noch so schön die Zeit des Glücks ist um wir müssen auseinandergeh`n. Addio Donna Grazia du warst mein Sonnenschein zu jeder Stunde meines Lebens denk ich dein.

I-20 f Shawnna

  • Slow Fuckin`

    [Chorus (I-20)] X2 I just love it when its like (In Out, In Out, In Out In Out) Slow Fuckin` [Shawnna] He said he like the way that pussy roll Get on top let it drop, put ya tongue in my mouf, can you feel that pussy hole When I heard `em say yeah Put...

Mellow Trackx

  • Phuture Vibes

    What...? What...? Over...? You say it`s over? Nothing is over! until we decide it is!!


Mellowbag, Freundeskreis, Gentleman

  • Tabula Rasa

    Mellowbag feat. Freundeskreis & Mr. Gentleman - Tabula rasa Tyron: Watch me appear on the field, my mission is to chill I`n`I think `bout the vibes and not about the dollar bill I been busy on my rhymes, put some on a layaway wha...

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